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music designed to program available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

26 mayo, 2021

Many of us spend hours and hours of the day in front of the computer and we usually listen to music at the same time. Now, not all music is the same, and not all favors concentration or it keeps us in a specific frame of mind.

For those who, like programmers, have long sessions in front of the computer and like to listen to music that relaxes them during the day, there are many options, and this one called Code Radio is quite special.

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From streaming on YouTube to dedicated website

Code Radio

Code Radio is a freeCodeCamp website, one of the best online educational platforms where they offer free training for programmers. Since 2018 they have maintained a transmission on their YouTube channel called precisely Code Radio (infinite transmissions of relaxing music are quite popular on YouTube), but recently they decided to take that project a little further.

Now Code Radio has its own website that you can enter to listen to music specially curated by a DJ and music producer who collaborated with the platform and who also enjoys programming: Lawrence Yeo.

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The songs have been selected under two important rules: the genre is limited to instrumental music downtempo and there are no advertising interruptions at any time.

Code Radio is intended to help developers focus while writing code

This musical style it is relaxing and not distractingMany of the programmers involved in the project have listened to thousands of hours of this type of music without getting bored, so they decided that it would be a pretty safe bet as a choice.

The Code Radio website is extremely simple, it only has a central player that plays music all day and that shows you basic information about the song, a couple of transmission quality options, a volume controller and the number of people listening. at the same time as you. It is definitely a good site to bookmark.