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MyHeritage now lets you animate old family photos into deepfake-style videos – here’s how it works

21 mayo, 2021

We recently talked about the repairer of old photographs that MyHeritage, the genealogical platform, had launched, with which really amazing results are achieved. Now they have gone one step further by presenting a tool that lets you animate people’s faces by turning old photos into a kind of video deepfake really surprising.

This is possible thanks to a photo animation technology developed by a company specialized in this field that makes use of deep learning to achieve the Magic. The implementation of this technique on the platform has given rise to the Deep Nostalgia function.

The function is designed to ‘give life’ to our ancestors portrayed in old photographs and it works really well as we have seen

Animated faces thanks to deep learning: how to use this tool

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The process to transform the photograph that we have used for our test into a realistic animation took only about 5 seconds.

What the tool does in synthesis is to take a historical photograph, analyze the face or faces that appear in them and create a video of just a few seconds in which the selected face moves slightly showing different gestures. This function is intended for nostalgic use, they say from MyHeritage: that is, for give life to beloved ancestors

Our missing relative and risen using this technology You can look sideways, tilt your head, smile … The result is really striking, some people may even find it a bit strange or disturbing. And all, as we said, thanks to deep learning. Of course, they are only movements, they do not speak or make sounds, as is usually the case in general with deepfake.

To use the tool, just access its page and click on the button Upload a photo. We will have to search our folders, upload it and wait a few seconds. It should be noted that we need to have an account on MyHeritage, but both registration and use of this utility is free.

Using the tool is free, it only requires that we register on MyHeritage

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In our test, the animation of the face present in the photograph that we have uploaded and that we can see on these lines has barely lasted about 5 seconds, although it could take up to 20.

Deep nostalgiaBefore taking action, it also repairs photos in the same way that the tool we recently tested does. This is done primarily to increase resolution and achieve better results. Once the photograph is animated, the video can be downloaded or shared on social networks. The photograph will also be saved in our account on the platform.