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Netflix rises in price in the United States, and may be an advance for the rest of the world

22 mayo, 2021

Netflix just made a price hike, according to the Associated Press. This is the largest increase in the United States over the share in the history of the streaming service, launched 12 years ago. Users, depending on the contracted plan, will pay between 13 and 18 percent more.

The Standard plan, the most popular and which allows HD viewing and two devices, will see its amount increased by two dollars a month, passing from 11 to 13 dollars. The Basic plan goes up from $ 8 to $ 9, and the four-user plan goes up to $ 15.99. New customers will have the new prices immediately, while existing subscribers will take a few months to apply.

Netflix does not stop announcing large investments in its own and original content, and therefore, increasing its debt. This rise, which affects 58 million users, makes a lot of sense given the business model you’re runningThe debt capacity is high, but it has limits.

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In Spain, the service cost also rose to two euros in 2017. This rise fell on the Premium plan (4 simultaneous screens and 4K resolution in the available content), while the Standard plan (2 simultaneous screens and HD resolution) only saw increased its quota one euro.

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A rise that can be a warning to the rest of the world

For now Netflix’s price hike is exclusive to the US market, but it would not be surprising if the arrival would soon reach more markets. In Spain and Europe, for example, we do not stop seeing what Netflix considers tests or experiments with the price of its plans. There is nothing for sure, and without there being a specific logic, some users see new plans and changes appear different from those that come out to others. The company uses these tests to find out how its users react.

Netflix is ​​conducting various tests on the price plans, and most involve the appearance of a more expensive plan without great news

Thus, for example, in November we saw an Ultra plan appear that reached the 16.99 euros providing only better sound quality (probably Dolby Atmos or DTS: X).

In summer, however, the Premium plan lost the ability to reproduce content in HDR, which passed to that new Ultra plan, which this time reached 19.99 euros. In another example, the current Premium plan lost two simultaneous playback devices, and the Ultra plan at 16.99 euros was the only one that could reproduce on four screens at the same time.

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However, there is also talk of the possible arrival of a “price drop”. And we put quotes because in reality it would be a weekly subscription instead of a monthly one, something that could interest users who wanted to do a marathon with a specific series and nothing more. What would mean a real price drop would be the plan only for mobiles and tablets that they are testing in countries like Malaysia, with a price of approximately 3.99 euros per month.