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new alternative app store to Google Play

26 mayo, 2021

After revamping its Kindle for Android app, Amazon continues to make changes to its main apps. Now they announce a new Amazon AppStore, a redesign from scratch of its app store.

The objective is that users download applications and games, but it is focused both on those who have a traditional Android device such as those who use it through Fire tablets or Fire TV.

A more traditional app store

Amazon Store

The Amazon app store introduces new apps and a new design to find them. It has been simplified interface with a navigation bar at the top to quickly search, in short, a more standard application store and not what we had before.

The categories sections and my apps, which will detect the ones we have and we can update them. As we can see, they are very basic additions but they show the intentions of this new Amazon Appstore.

Amazon Coins, the strategy to monetize your store


Another incorporation are the Amazon Coins that will have their own tab. Users can buy these virtual currencies within the application and use them to download apps, games and also within the in-app purchases.

With this addition, they basically avoid entering the Google Play ecosystem. That is, the same game in Google Play, in-app purchases would be made via Google, while if that game is downloaded via Amazon, it will jump us to pay with Amazon Coins. The more Coins are spent, we will get a greater discount up to 25%.

Where to download the Amazon Appstore

Applications that were already in the previous Amazon store will automatically go to this new store.

The Amazon Appstore is available to users of Amazon Fire TV, Fire tablets, and Android devices in most markets around the world. Can downloaded from the web

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