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New option on Facebook to announce a pregnancy

27 mayo, 2021

Facebook does not stop releasing news, although some are more interesting than others. Recently the Ads API was officially released and today it is encouraged with a new option that allows notify a pregnancy.

From now on if we want to inform our contacts that we are expecting a baby, we will only have to go to our profile and edit the components of the family, where the “expected” tag (expected, in English). We save changes and that’s it. Everyone is aware.

CLUBHOUSE THE SOCIAL NETWORK of VOICE messages What is how to enter and how to use it

This incredible novelty (note the irony) continues the path of the social network through expand options towards all the politically correct points. It started with the “open relationships”, the “civil union” and now it is the turn to continue including family members.

Surely there are opinions for all tastes and some will find it very useful; although personally I would prefer them to focus on correcting the true failures of the social network, which begins to add criticism regarding its poor messaging system (instant or not), its slowness, its poor contact management, bugs and others.

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