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new subscription channels arrive

21 mayo, 2021

If you did not have enough content with all that Amazon includes in its Prime Video, from now on you have more options: the company has launched its channels in Spain. Through this option you can access content from MGM, Mubi and Starzplay, all under a monthly subscription to each service.

Amazon prime Video has one of the largest streaming catalogs, all included in an annual subscription that also gives access to free shipping, music, books and free space to upload all the photos on the phone. Not only that, Prime Video offers a store from which to access titles that are not in the subscription. And there was an addition that until now was not available in Spain: the channels. Amazon has recently activated them.

Starzplay, Mubi and MGM: more movies and series

Amazon Prime Video Channels

Amazon Prime Video channels add monthly subscription services with much more content. There are currently three in Spain: Starzplay, Mubi and MGM, all with movies and series included that can be played in streaming on any device where Amazon Prime Video can be installed or opened. Later, other channels available in the United States will surely arrive, such as HBO or ShwTime.

Comparison of Disney +, Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, Movistar + Lite, Filmin, Apple TV and Rakuten TV: catalog, functions and prices

Currently, Prime Video has the three aforementioned channels in Spain; what offer content on demand according to the following styles:

  • Starzplay. Productions owned by the American entertainment channel Stars. Series and movies for 4.99 euros per month.
  • Mubi. This service offers a very careful catalog of films with special attention to independent cinema. The monthly subscription costs 9.99 euros.
  • MGM. Recognizable movies and Hollywood blockbusters, also recent content. The monthly subscription costs 3.99 euros per month.
Amazon Prime Video Channels Subscription to each of the channels

To subscribe to channels you must have Amazon Prime contracted, access the Prime Video website and sign up for any of the three channels (or all). Amazon offers a 30-day trial for each, then he will charge the stipulated amount monthly.

Amazon Prime Video Channels

All the content of the channels accepts the options that prevail in Amazon Prime Video: the videos have different audio tracks and subtitles (some movies are not in Spanish, especially in Mubi), the content can be added to the monitoring lists and mobile downloads are allowed to view the movie or series offline. Once you have subscribed from the web, you will have the channels accessible on your mobile: you just have to access them from the Amazon Prime Video app.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video