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NewPipe launches player, notifications and more

25 mayo, 2021

NewPipe updates to version 0.20.0 giving a great leap in the quality and simplicity of reproduction: its new unified player offers a better viewing experience in all conditions, both in the foreground and minimized within the app or with the screen off. It also significantly improves notifications, among other functions.

Playing YouTube videos on your mobile is not complicated since the platform’s app usually comes pre-installed, although it is not the only way to access the huge catalog of content that YouTube puts at our fingertips: we can also use the web browser or alternative clients, such as NewPipe. This client is a choice to take into account for those who do not want to use Google apps or, directly, cannot: it offers everything that anyone looks for in an app of its style. Also constant updates.

A lightweight and very powerful YouTube app


The premise of NewPipe is to offer a clean YouTube experience, with an interface very similar to the official application, without ads, with the option to download the videos and also listen to YouTube in the background or with the screen off. This app has been in development for a long time, improving with each update. And the last one is a notable improvement for the reproduction since the developers they have unified all the players.

How to download YouTube videos from an Android mobile

Until now NewPipe used a specific type of player for each way to reproduce the content. In the foreground, minimized within the app and in the background, a diversification that now evaporates as the app launches a unified player. This makes it easy to watch videos since there are no interruptions between viewing with the app open or with the screen turned off.

Newpipe Video continues to display when minimized within NewPipe

In-app playback has also improved: by minimizing a running video this is still seen at the bottom of the interface. NewPipe also introduces a progress bar for thumbnails.

Another of the big changes introduced in NewPipe 0.20.0 is the improvement in notifications. Those who use the app on Android 10 and higher will have the progress bar directly in the notification; with the option to move to any part of the video from there. NewPipe has added progress bar notifications to Android 11, adapting it to your particular style.

Newpipe Notification with progress bar in Android 11

Apart from the most noticeable, the latest version of NewPipe improves stability, add video download improvements, plays the content at the highest possible quality by default and other minor changes. It can be downloaded from the developers’ GitHub and will soon be updated in other repositories as well, such as F-Droid. NewPipe cannot be found on Google Play.

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