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news presented at Google I / O 2018

25 mayo, 2021

I depend so much on Google Photos that I have come to wonder what will happen to all my photos when I die. I hope to live many years, but I also hope that by then this service will continue to exist, since without it my digital world would be much more chaotic.

If they told me any Google tool (Gmail, Google Maps, the search engine itself, etc.) and I had to choose one, without hesitation I would choose Google Photos.

My love for photography is as great as my hate for organizing photos. For years my photographs lived in folders within folders, backups from other backups.

When I had not done it for several years, just thinking about ordering them sounded worse than a move. In addition, to see them he had to go into each folder, without knowing exactly what was inside.

Before the arrival of Google Photos I used Flickr, but (of that) the free storage was very limited and it didn’t have all the awesome features that Google’s service offers.

Why Google Photos is perfect for me

For starters, unlimited storage. Yes, it compresses photos and videos, but Google manages to do it without the loss of quality being almost noticeable. Although you may not like this service too much, it is great to have an extra backup.

What I like the most of all is automatic organization. Google takes care of displaying your entire photo library in a gigantic vertical timeline. This way it is very easy and fast to travel through time.

Google Photos

It is a DeLorean with which to travel through time.

And if that was not enough, you can check your photos in different ways, making it easy to get to photos and videos that you took at a very specific time:

  • Identify people and “pets”
  • You can search by places
  • Difference between videos, screenshots, selfies, movies, animations, collages, 360º photos, etc.
  • Analyze the content of the photos: you can search for “Eiffel tower” and it will find it even if it is a scanned photo
  • You can combine elements: “Lorenzo bicycle”, “Santi guitar”, “Mom video” etc.
Google Photos

Having Google Photos do all this work for me is almost priceless. With this organization I can quickly find what I am looking for or trip on with videos and photos that I had forgotten.

Automatic backups and available everywhere

For me, the other winning point is that it allows you to do automatic backups. Every time I connect to a Wi-Fi start uploading new videos and photos to my account.

In addition, I have the application installed on my tablet, where I can quickly access my library and save the few videos and photos that I sometimes record from here. I no longer worry about transferring photos and videos between devices.

Googlephotos Ft

I no longer waste time transferring files between devices.

Anyway, I think the one I like the most is the web version. You can upload new photos by dragging a folder or individual files, and it’s much faster to navigate from here.

Albums and assistant

The assistant is not one of my favorite features, but there are times that it has recommended me to make animations and collages that I did want to save. Every time it is a little more useful, and everything indicates (since Google is very strongly committed to artificial intelligence) that it will continue to improve over time.

It is also capable of identify days or trips, suggesting you create an album with that group of photos and videos. Anyway, in this case I prefer to do it manually.

Google Photos

Once we have created an album, we can easily share it with other people, and they can add photos if we let them. It is ideal for a birthday party, a family trip, concerts, etc.

In addition, it identifies the people who appear in the photos and suggests if you want to share them with them. The winning point here is that you can share your entire library with someone else, specifying if it can see all the files or only the ones in which it appears.

There is still more

Yesterday the main conference of Google I / O 2018, an event designed for developers. Among all the news shown, there was time to present several interesting features that will come to Google Photos.

Google wants this tool to be even more intelligent and automatic. For starters, it takes advantage of artificial intelligence systems to suggest “smart actions” to us.

In this way, if it detects that it is a photograph of a document will allow us to cut it and convert it into a PDF document. They have also improved the automatic editing system, suggesting us to modify the brightness, rotate, archive or share a photo:

Also thanks to artificial intelligence, Google Photos will be able to colorize old black and white photographs. In the demonstration he did during yesterday’s event, the result was really impressive.

Google Photos

Google has ensured that these features will be available to all users in the next few months. I can’t wait to try them out and hopefully Google continues on this path.

It is a company famous for replicating services and discontinuing them. Hopefully the same does not happen with this tool, since I would be facing a serious problem: what do I do with this gigantic amount of photos and where do I organize and store them.

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