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Nine alternatives to Pordede to watch series and movies online

24 mayo, 2021

After Series Pepito closed at the end of 2014 and, to avoid a similar situation, decided to change strategy last summer, has become the new reference website for all those who want to find links to watch series and movies online for free.

Pordede has obvious positive points such as being able to watch the series on TV through devices such as Google’s Chromecast, but also other important negative points like its continuous falls. Therefore, today we bring you a small list with some of the most interesting alternatives to Pordede, either to replace it or to have them on hand thinking about the next time the page is inoperative.

Obviously, before launching into the pages we have to take a few things into account. The first is that, as happened to Series Pepito, some of them could violate the Intellectual Property Law, although to avoid liability most of them use external links. Also keep in mind that many are flooded with banners and fairly aggressive advertising, so not all of them offer a good browsing experience.

SeriesDanko, the veteran of a specialist


The uploader Danko made a name for himself in the days when the forum was a reference among Spanish-speaking users. That is why the one with its own page It cannot go unnoticed by anyone, a SeriesDanko website where we will find links to numerous series, movies and books.

The page itself only acts as a table of contents, which means that it uses links to external content instead of hosting them on your own website. Its appearance is that of the first version of SeriesYonkis, and although it links to external content, these can be viewed without leaving the page.

PepeCine, in search of user collaboration


PepeCine is a relatively new page, where we can find a vast database with up to 290,000 titles of all kinds of series and movies. Unfortunately, of all of them only about 11,000 can be viewed through a web in which they link to external content instead of hosting it on their servers.

And how do they want to get the number of displayable content close to the total number of tabs they have? Well asking for the community’s collaboration, because the web is characterized by allowing anyone to provide their links. Therefore, we can say that more than a settled website we are facing an interesting promise for the future.

Gnula, specialist in new movie screeners


If you can’t quite decide to go to the cinema to see a movie or buy the Bluray from the latest Hollywood premiere, Gnula is an alternative to take a look at the latest releases from the big screen. And I say to take a look because the quality of the content that it links to is usually from Screener, which can put off the most cinephiles.

The page also aims to position itself as a place to go to be informed, since they usually notify about which will be the next premieres at the cinema, and on its home page we can see the latest releases that have been released. It does not have a very complete database, but most of its titles are latest releases.

SeriesBlanco, to download or watch online


Although its content base is somewhat limited, SeriesBlanco is another good option to be able to watch series online easily. In fact it is solely focused on series, offering both the possibility of being able to enjoy them online from their direct links and to download the chapters if we have a download manager.

I watch Series Online and bet on HD


Just at the antipodes of the previous page we find Veo Series Online, whose commitment is precisely to try to offer the largest number of HD content. Its catalog includes a wide variety of series and films, many of them dubbed, but also some in their original version with subtitles.

In the file of each series or film we can see the general information with the synopsis and a trailer, as well as information on its genre, year of release and performers. We can also see your note in the IMDb ranking, and of course, we have several external display options.

Yaske, another powerful alternative


Yaske is another very powerful page in which to find a large number of movies, although his numerous problems, drops and losses of domains are causing his community to spread into a vast collection of mirrors and clone pages.

Although they are specialized mainly in ripping DVDs and BlurayThey also have a section in which they show the latest releases in screener quality. It has more than twenty categories in which they organize all their content, and a sister page called Qserie that is exclusively dedicated to television series.

HDfull, series and movies in HD and Screener


Another alternative that we can find is HDfull, in which to watch series and movies especially in high definition, although there are also screeners for those looking for premieres. The page is very well organized, and has its own Android application to view its content, all of it through external links, through our mobile or tablet.

PelisPedia: order, clarity and quality


In general, as we said at the beginning, this type of page is usually infested with advertising and popups. Its order and design are not usually of the highest level either, although there are always nice exceptions like PelisPedia. Despite its title offers both series and movies, and thinking about the seriéfilos bet strongly by the original version with subtitles.

It is an organized website, in the case of series we only have to enter the profile of one and all the chapters will appear neat and orderly. By clicking on them, we will be taken directly to the viewing page, where we will simply be offered all the available methods (always external) to view the content.

RePelis, they lie to gain more users


And we are going to end up talking about RePelis, which although it is a quite interesting page with which to access all kinds of series or movies, the fact that they dedicate themselves to fool your visitors looking to confuse about their origin and make them believe that they are the heirs of one or another website.

They have several indexed links so that, depending on whether we have searched for Pordede or Yaske, users will receive a notification lying to them by telling them that these websites have changed their name to be called Repelis. Even so, it is still another alternative to view this type of content.

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