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Nine motion detection programs to turn your PC into a video surveillance system

27 mayo, 2021

Restless, he clumsily around the rungs of the ladder. In his head, the canned voice of his neighbor on the phone hammering his temples “–I heard strange noises in your house, who knows what the cat has done to you now-“, she remembers. And he grips the carrier with even more force, where the animal lies placidly. His hands are still white when they push the door ajar and, desolate, he looks at the remains of what not so long ago was his home. But little remains.

That being the victim of a robbery has always been an extremely unpleasant situation that goes beyond the loss of physical objects is a reality that, fortunately, technology can now shed some light. A context in which not only home security solutions are the order of the day, but in which there are also other cheaper options that, for example, will allow us turn our PC into a true video surveillance system.

And it is precisely these that we are going to talk about today. Specifically, we will focus on motion detection software. Some tools that, even and in some specific cases, will allow us to activate other functions of our computer when we are using it. But let’s go with our selection:


Safe4Cam is a free and easy-to-use program that is very useful for this type of case. A system capable of detecting movement and activating itself to capture any eventuality that occurs in front of the computer’s camera. Information that you save and send by email. In addition, it integrates an extension that is activated automatically and the possibility of being configured with other devices to create a closed circuit.

To start it up, you will only have to download the program, start it and establish the initial configuration. For example, you have the option to determine the light, contrast, size of the capture, activate or deactivate the alarm, and so on. You can also increase the sensitivity of the motion detector, improve the types of colors you want to capture, and even have other possibilities such as convert images to video and add sound effects.

IP Camera Viewer


IP Camera Viewer, on the other hand, is one of the most popular programs of its kind. Now, it is a bit more sophisticated than the previous ones because with it you can connect USB or IP cameras. The application supports, in fact, more than 1,800 different models from brands such as Canon, Asis, Panasonic, Mobotix, Pixord, Sony and the like. Specifically, it lets us connect up to four in a simultaneous. All with a fairly simple configuration.

In fact, it even leaves us control movement remote cameras, that is, their tilt, zoom, panoramic view; and also the properties of the capture –brightness, contrast-, the design (to suit our needs) and other parameters.

Motion detection


Motion Detection is a motion detection tool that will allow you to convert your webcam in a security camera (you can also do it with that of other devices). Once installed, you must configure the movement sensitivity that you want it to take into account. From then on and as soon as it detects any type of activity, the application will notify you by sending you an informative email. It also sends the images continuously to an FTP server and has audio and video recording.


Formerly known as Vitamin D, Sighthound is surveillance software that uses IP cameras or webcams and defines itself as “the most smart of the world”. The tool is designed for both businesses and homes and not only captures movement but its system, as you may have guessed at this point, goes further and is capable of recognizing people and objects “in the same way that the computer works. human brain”. Well more or less.

It is also frequently updated and includes bug fixes, resolution increases, and other enhancements pertaining to computer vision algorithms and more. On their official website you will also find a preview of the technology they are working on at the moment. You can download it in a free and try it at no cost for 14 days.


Tincam Screenshot 8

TinCam works in much the same way. After detecting movement, it also takes snapshots of what is happening and everything else. However, among its virtues we cannot fail to comment that it can be configured in various ways. For example, you can do it with a timer or to activate it in a certain time range. It is also possible to modify the quality of the photos you take, upload them to a web server or send them to an email.



As for TeboCam, it allows us to connect up to 9 webcams simultaneously (USB or IP), adjust the sensitivity of motion detection, determine specific areas, receive emails with the captures made as soon as the movement has been detected, publish these on our website and more.

It includes motion graphics time and other features shared by some of the applications on this list: the ability to configure sensitivity, image quality, etc., the different notification systems, and the like.



A bit different is Ugolog, a surveillance system through the Web (without installations on your computer). A very simple solution that allows us to record in several ways: start doing it when it detects movement or, simply, leave a time interval programmed in which we want it to do so. In addition, it gives us the option to configure the degree of sensitivity of the sensor, access our history of saved videos, and so on.



Eyeline is a video surveillance application that can also capture and store video and photos from different cameras simultaneously. In your case, the number of video channels is determined by the capacity of our computer. Like the previous ones, it works with USB cameras and network IP cameras, and has alerts by email – and also by SMS – and with other features such as saving images in a folder on the network, making backup copies of recordings via FTP and others.


Regarding Xeoma, it consists of a free tool and multi platform -You will find it for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android- which will also allow you to monitor your home in a simple way. Specifically, it lets us configure the start and end of the recording, create several users (that is, several people can access the recordings from anywhere), and so on. Another of its peculiarities is that it is eliminating old recordings.

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