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nine very specific apps you didn’t expect existed

26 mayo, 2021

With a little practice, patience, and $ 25 required to sign up for Google Play, anyone can publish their app on Google Play. The rules are quite relaxed, so that it can be stated with certainty that in Google Play there is everything.

For some time, I have been compiling the more rare and specific applications that I have managed to find on Google Play. The list could go on forever, but as a sample with nine of them you can get an idea of ​​what awaits you in the recesses of the Google store.

There is an app for that

The There’s an app for that (there is an app for that) has already become part of our language, but there will be those who do not know that its origin is in a iPhone 3G announcement. The phrase, in fact, is registered by the apple company.

This announcement dates from 2009, when the App Store had 250,000 applications. Today, nine years later, the App Store reaps 2 million entries and Google Play 3.8 million, so one thing is clear: definitely There’s an application for that.

In this list I have decided to filter those applications that are very curious and specific but absolutely absurd, false, joking or misleading, leaving only those that they really serve something. There is no room here for solar chargers or laser pointers.

1. Canary Bird Song


In this case it is not a single application, but dozens: applications to listen to melodic canaries singing Your best songs. So that? It depends on each one, for some it will be a way of listening to their favorite birds, while others will use these applications to train their own canaries and encourage them to sing.

It may seem silly, but I have counted about a hundred applications on the subject. Some, like Canary Bird Songs have an average note of 4.1 and more than one hundred thousand downloads, so it has its audience.

Canary bird sounds

Canary bird soundstwo

2. Cinemute


Have you ever forgotten silence the mobile in the cinema? That would not have happened to you with Cinemute, the application that detects when you are in a movie theater and automatically silences your mobile. Well, that’s if you pay 1.09 euros for the full version. If not, you only receive a reminder.

Nowhere in its description or on its page is it specified where you get the theater locations And if it works globally in all theaters in the world (that are in Google Maps), so the easiest way to check it is to try the Lite version, which is free.

Cinemute Lite

Cinemute Lite1.22

3. Day of the Year


Sure you know what day number it is, what day of the week, what month and maybe even what week number, but what do you not know in what day of the year are we? That is, January 1 would be day 1, and December 31 in a non-leap year would be day 365.

If it is something of your interest, do not miss Day of Year, an application that all it does is show you the day number in big. What you want to do with this figure and it’s up to you.

Day of year

Day of year2.1

4. Harmonica Exercises


Learning to play an instrument is never easy, and the harmonica is no exception. If you are interested in master the harmonica, there are several applications for it, such as Harmonica Exercises. Visually the application is horrible, but its more than 50,000 downloads and positive reviews attest that it is a good tool.

Once you have passed the shock initial by its interface, you will find nothing less than 161 exercises to practice with your harmonica, including a sound clip on what each example should sound like.

Harmonica Exercises

Harmonica Exercises1.3

5. Dog age calculator


It is said that one year in the age of a dog equals seven of a human, but the calculation includes some exceptions that are somewhat more difficult to calculate head-on. Luckily here you go Dog age calculator to perform the operation for you.

Choose the breed of dog, its age and you will receive an exact calculation of what human age is its canine age. When finished you can share your find with your friends through Twitter and Facebook.

Dog Age Calculator

Dog Age Calculator1.1

6. Is it a hot dog?

Hot dog

This application answers one of the great questions of humanity, is it a hot dog? The idea is borrowed from the Silicon Valley series, but it is still a curious application whose sole purpose is tell you if what you have in front of you is a hot dog or not.

To get the answer you can take a photo or open an image from the gallery. The app doesn’t work very well (images are rotated or too large) but at least it does what it promises: it recognizes hot dogs.

Not hotdog

Not hotdog1.0.2

7. Name generator


Do you need a name and surname? Generate them automatically with this application. Whether it’s for your next best-seller or if you just don’t know what to call your Sims, this app will help you generates names in 41 languages, of man and woman.

Name Generator

Name Generator1.7.3

8. The best gazpacho recipes


Gazpacho is a marvel of Spanish cuisine. There are those who prefer it more traditional and those who try to reinvent the wheel using exotic ingredients, but in the end the safest thing is that you always use the same recipe. Not with this gazpacho recipe app.

The name says it all, it is an app that only has gazpacho recipes. Apple, peach, carrot, watermelon … Each of them has the ingredients and instructions, adorned with photos.

The best Gazpacho Recipes

The best Gazpacho Recipes1


Food barf

We finish the list with an application that is very worked, but it is still tremendously specific. Barfastic is a complete app to keep accounts of the BARF feeding of dogs, cats and ferrets.

For the uninitiated, the BARF diet is based on a diet of raw meats. With this app you can keep track of the food you are giving your pet and check that it is balanced and sufficient, thanks to the calculator.

Barfastic - BARF diet for dogs, cats, ferrets

Barfastic – BARF diet for dogs, cats, ferrets 1.0.1

Updated June 18, 2018: Added two more applications

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