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No more deleting all your downloads by accident with Windows 10’s space cleaner

27 mayo, 2021

The windows cleanup is an old and well-known system tool, one that a couple of years ago, with the arrival of the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, received a few improvements and a new interface.

Another thing he received at that time was the option to clean the Downloads folder when you run it, and it is something that more than one confused user caused accidental file loss. Microsoft realized that it was better that that folder was not there, and that is why that problem has died with the May 2020 Update.


Windows 10 2004 no longer frees up space by deleting the Downloads folder

Storage Sensor Windows 10

The Windows space cleaner not only serves to free up storage space (forgive the redundancy) quickly, but it can do it automatically thanks to a storage sensor that detects when disk space is low and deletes unnecessary files.

This utility also has two interfaces, like many apps inherited from previous versions of Windows. There is the one that appears in Modern Windows Settings, and there is the one that appears in the Control Panel. The latter can be found directly by opening the start menu and typing “space liberator”:

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Windows Cleaner

When we run the classic version and best known by veteran users, we can mark a series of boxes to delete “junk” filessuch as Recycle Bin, Temporary Internet Files, Thumbnails, etc.

If you were used to using this tool before Windows 10, or even before April 2018, you were sure to mark everything and clean, because there was really nothing to worry about. At least until the “Downloads” folder entered there that year and more than one clueless marked it and accidentally deleted everything there.

Windows 10 Cleanup

With the latest Windows 10 update that folder no longer appears there, so we can go back to the days of marking everything and not looking back. Now, the modern version of the liberator with the storage sensor, you have not followed these steps:

Windows Cleaner Downloads 1

If we open the Configuration, select “System” and then go to “Storage” we will find the sensor options and the folders that it can delete.

The storage sensor still includes the Downloads folder among its options to free up space. In this case the box comes only with a warning That doesn’t stand out too much among all those blocks of text. At least it is not checked by default.