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no need for local copies anymore

26 mayo, 2021

Those who have ever been in need of reinstalling Windows 10 you will know that there are basically two options. On the one hand, we can have an external storage device such as a USB or a DVD from which to start the computer and proceed with the reinstallation. Or, on the other, a partition on our hard drive from which to carry out the installation.

Both imply having a local copy of the operating system, with the risks that this entails, something that will change. Why? Because reinstalling Windows 10 from the cloud will soon be a reality. Its effectiveness is already being tested in the build 18970.1005 released last week.

No need for a USB, a DVD or a partition on the hard drive: we will soon be able to reinstall Windows 10 from the cloud

Reinstalling Windows 10 from the cloud

Microsoft has introduced the new Windows 10 reinstall option as a system recovery enhancement. According to the company, some of the users prefer to use their high-speed internet connection to download Windows and reinstall it rather than make use of a hidden partition on the disk or external storage.

How to clean install the latest version of Windows 10 without losing your files and settings

Therefore, the option of Reset PC increases your options and will allow, in addition to using a local copy, download Windows 10 from Microsoft servers. This is an option that, as our colleagues from Engadget, has been available on macOS and Linux distributions like Debian for years.

The company, however, cautions that this is a recovery operation and previously installed applications will be removed. In addition, they point out, if the option is selected Delete all User data will also be deleted, so you must be aware at all times of the option you choose and its practical implications.