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no, these are not the last words of Steve Jobs

22 mayo, 2021

You already know what happens when some false information spreads through social networks: that gullible minds continue to share it with everyone claiming that it is true and without taking into account the original sources. This is what is happening with a hypothetical farewell letter made by Steve Jobs before he died.

In it, who was CEO of Apple is sincere saying that money is not what matters, giving us a lesson on how you realize what to live once you are on your deathbed. The moral is not bad, but this letter is completely false.

Here is the full text, which someone has translated from the original in English that can be read here:

I have reached the peak of business success.

In the eyes of others, my life has been the symbol of success. However, aside from work, I have little joy. Finally, my wealth is nothing more than a fact that I am used to. In this moment, lying in the hospital bed and looking back all my life, I realize that all the accolades and riches of which I was so proud have become insignificant in the face of impending death.

In the dark, when I look at the green lights of the artificial respiration equipment and feel the hum of their mechanical sounds, I can feel the breath of the approach of death on my way. Only now do I understand, once one accumulates enough money for the rest of his life, that we have to pursue other goals that are not related to wealth.

It should be something more important:

For example, love stories, art, my childhood dreams … Never stop pursuing wealth, it can only turn a person into a twisted being, just like me.

God has shaped us in a way that we can feel the love in the heart of each one of us, and not illusions built by fame or the money I made in my life, which I cannot take with me.

I can only carry with me the memories that were strengthened by love.

This is the true wealth that will follow you; It will accompany you, it will give you the strength and the light to carry on.

Love can travel thousands of miles and thus life has no limits. Move where you want to go. Work on reaching the goals you want to achieve. Everything is in your heart and in your hands.

What is the most expensive bed in the world? The hospital bed.

You, if you have money, can hire someone to drive your car, but you cannot hire someone to carry your illness rather than carry it yourself.

Lost material things can be found. But there is one thing that can never be found when lost: life.

Whatever stage of life we ​​are in right now, in the end we are going to have to face the day when the curtain will fall.

Treasure in love for your family, in love for your husband or wife, in love for your friends …

Treat each other well and take care of your neighbor.

Steve Jobs

First of all, no one has officially confirmed this letter. Has appeared out of nowhere, and no one quotes a reliable source To verify its authenticity, nothing similar is mentioned in any book or movie. In fact, it is known that the last words were “OH WOW, OH WOW, OH WOW“thanks to an article that Mona Simpson (her sister) published in the New York Times.

In the letter Steve Jobs mentions God as the “shaper” of humanity, but the CEO of Apple was a Buddhist

In addition, the original letter is betrayed with some grammatical errors in English, something that someone like Jobs would not have missed in a final farewell letter. He also names God, when it is proven that Steve Jobs he was buddhist.

All in all, the feeling that the letter wants to convey is that of someone who has focused on making money and just before dying realizes what really has value in life. I insist, the lesson is not bad at all, but Steve Jobs was not too much about making money on a personal level (that focused him more on his companies, while his annual salary was one dollar as has been known for a long time).

A speech that is authentic and worthwhile

Ultimately, this letter was not written by Steve Jobs. Someone has written it or has found it already written and has wanted to take advantage of the name of the co-founder of Apple to monetize large amounts of traffic. If you run into her on your social profiles, let me know. And if you want to see an authentic Steve Jobs speech in which he invites you to reflect on your life, the best thing is to remember the graduation speech he made at Stanford University:

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