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Now that LG has closed its mobile division, what will happen to my LG mobile?

23 mayo, 2021

After it was rumored that LG was preparing to close its mobile division, and later having denied that said rumors were true, everything has finally come true. LG exits the world of mobile phones though will continue with developments on complementary land such as the IoT or the future 6G, in addition to the artificial intelligence that you already applied in your own devices.

However, the Korean company will not sell more mobile phones as of July 31, 2021, and that means that it will have to face certain obligations to its consumers once its business has already closed, as stipulated in the law. Let’s see what will happen to LG mobiles in circulation once your business closes the doors permanently.

Will my LG mobile phone stop working?


Not at all, nothing could be further from the truth. The closure of LG’s mobile division will not have any direct impact on the phones that are currently in circulation beyond the fact that some service associated with them may close in the near future. LG mobiles carry Android and the operating system will continue to work at full capacity until we finally change the phone for another or, simply, it stops working due to a mechanical failure.

LG mobile phones will continue to function normally after the company closes.

What will happen is that at a certain point, as with other mobile phones today, LG phones will stop receiving security and software updates, since manufacturers keep phones for a period of time to later cut this support.

Will I still be able to repair my LG mobile phone?

LG G5 exploded view

An interesting question because the logical thing is that the manufacture and supply of spare parts ends once a company finally stops its factories and the rest of its processes. But we should not be afraid of this happening since LG will keep its repair commitments with your current clients.

“LG will work closely with vendors and business partners during the closing of the mobile phone business.”

LG has assured in its closing statement that the company will continue to provide components so that technical services continue to repair their mobile phones as required by law. And this law establishes that telephones must have a two-year warranty from the moment the sale occurs. During that time, the LG will have its components available to users and repair services.

What will happen to my LG mobile phone updates?

Lg Mobile Update

Another issue that arises with the closure of LG’s mobile division is the one that has to do with the software of its phones. Since the software as such will not stop working (something that we indicated before), we can consider what will happen with future updates and with the maintenance contract that is established between the buyer and the brand when we get one of their phones.

LG will keep the software of its mobile phones for the stipulated two years after its sale.

LG has assured in its statement that “provide service support and software updates for existing mobile product customers for a period of time that will vary by region“That is, if in your country LG has to offer two years of security and system updates, as is the case in Spain, the brand must comply with the stipulated maintenance period. And LG indicates that it will be so.

How long will I be able to continue buying LG mobile phones?

The Korean firm has indicated that its mobile business will officially close on July 31 of this year 2021, which means that we can continue to buy mobile phones from the firm officially until that date. However, and as the company itself indicates, the stock of some phones could even exceed that date. Definitely, we can buy LG phones while there are stocks although the firm will no longer manufacture any more models.