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now you can find publications

25 mayo, 2021

Yes it was about time finally Facebook has decided to increase the possibilities of its search engine and add an option that allows you to find not only contacts, groups and the like, but also publications that have been uploaded to the platform.

The improvement takes place thanks to the incorporation of the system Search FYI (abbreviation that, by the way, means “for your information”) capable of relating the words to the aforementioned content, offering more accurate results and suggestions, and so on.

The revamping of searches

This feature – currently available in English on iOS, Android and the desktop version; and on whose launch date in Spanish the company has not ruled – it will make available to us those messages that are closely linked to the term entered in the search box and will order them based on our preferences in the virtual community and the source of origin.

In this way, give priority to the media and the hottest discussions on the web. The publication date will also be another of the parameters that you will assess, especially if they have to do with positions and personalities. A mix and a list that will include messages from these and our friends without creating any confusion.

Screenshot 2015 10 23 To S 10 55 46

Regarding suggestions And as it has been shown until now (while we were writing), Facebook will show us the stories that are most popular at that very moment, as well as the aforementioned “debates” or conversations; an alternative that will let us quickly know what is the general opinion on a topic, the reasons for its controversy and other issues.

Likewise, it will tell us if these links have been shared in a massive way, which ones are repeated with some regularity and so on. A very useful feature with more than two million posts indexed and with an audience that increasingly uses the social network to find news.

Screenshot 2015 10 23 To S 10 55 20

“If something happens in the world, people look for it on Facebook to see how their friends and family react,” says Tom Stocky, responsible for the product in a statement.

In short, thanks to this new addition, the Zuckerberg social network obtains a search tool worthy of its name, that is, a searcher more conventional similar to other services such as Google and Twitter.

Something essential in a context in which Facebook does not cease to illuminate functionalities and products (such as its store, Signal, its instant articles service … etc), to that your customers spend even more time in it (something that, in the long run, will allow you to increase your income) and in which there was no place for a search engine who certainly limped.

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