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now you can watch some of his best documentaries for free on YouTube

26 mayo, 2021

Quarantine has changed everything on the InternetOne of the most prominent movements being the opening of premium content from websites like Pornhub around the world. Netflix has not reached as much as that, like Apple TV + or HBO in the United States, which has partially opened some of its series in the service application.

However, the streaming giant has made something even more accessible to millions of people around the world: post some of its best documentaries on YouTube. This is one of the first times that we can see its contents in open and completely free of charge, after the first step taken with ‘To all the boys I fell in love with’, which can be seen without a subscription to the service.

What can you watch for free from Netflix on YouTube

The company has launched on YouTube a series of documentaries that have to do with education, or rather, that can be used as educational resources by teachers and teachers. It is something that they have done on other occasions on their own platform, but because of the confinement they do on YouTube.

In addition to uploading to the platform, each documentary or documentary series has associated educational materials that can be exploited by teachers and students. It’s important pointing that the language is English, but with optional subtitles in Spanish and other languages. Unlike the maximum quality they can be enjoyed on Netflix, they can be viewed at 1080p maximum on YouTube.

  • ’13th’: This documentary film deals with the thirteenth amendment to the United States Constitution, linking slavery and racial criminalization. You can find the educational resources here.

  • ‘Abstract’: Netflix has posted the first season of this documentary series focused on leading artists from disciplines such as architecture, product design, automobiles or photography. You can find the educational resources here.

  • ‘Babies’: Netflix shares selected episodes about this documentary series about babies’ first year of life, from their own perspective. It was released in February 2020. You can find educational resources here

  • ‘Chasing Coral’: Another documentary film in which we will go to some of the most unknown places on the planet, the deep sea, to observe the bleaching of colors. You can find the educational resources here.

  • ‘Explained’: splendid short episodes in which, in a very direct and well-explained way, the Voz Media team deals with a specific topic in a way that everyone can understand.

  • Knock Down the House: This Documentary will bring us closer to American politics, showing how the campaign of four women who stood in the 2018 legislative elections was like. The most mediatic has been Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a congresswoman for the New York district.

The 27 best documentary films of all time

  • ‘Our Planet’: If you liked the BBC’s great ‘Planet Earth’, this eight-episode documentary series is the best you can watch to renew knowledge about how the planet works in its most remote and wild settings.

  • ‘Period. End of Sentence. ‘: Menstruation remains a great social stigma in many societies, including India. This short shows how a group of women struggles to free themselves from it. You can find the educational resources here.

  • ‘The White Helmets’: Volunteer teams in critical moments are essential for thousands of people to improve their quality of life in very harsh contexts. Here we can see their work in Syria and Turkey in crude 2016. You can find the educational resources here.

  • ‘Zion’: A life-saving story at the hands of Zion Clark, a professional wrestler who was born without legs and given up for adoption by his mother. Destined for failure, he managed to get by. You can find the educational resources here.