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Official debut of Opera Mail for Windows

27 mayo, 2021

Opera Software has released the Final version of Opera Mail for Windows operating system. After the appearance of Opera Next with the WebKit engine, where the traditional integrated mail client is not present, the future of the latter was to become an independent application.

Opera Mail 1.0 for Windows has debuted with a user interface very similar to the one we have known forming part of previous versions of the browser, characterized by the use of tabs and different shades of gray, using color in some controls and labels.

h2. This is Opera Mail 1.0 for Windows

The information is presented in three columns, where the first one, the one on the left, can be shown and hidden at will. In this we have access to Mail Y Contacts: at the top level, followed by controls to compose new messages, collect / send and the “View” control that is used to organize what information to display in this column.

The central column of the application shows the received messages, grouped by “Today”, “Last week”, “In this month”, the previous months designated by their name, and previous years. In the upper area of ​​this column, there is a search box for filter messages based on patterns, and various options for filtering. Messages can be grouped by threads, searches can be saved, and the filtering module is really fast.

Opera Mail 1.0 for Windows, new message

In the column on the right we will see the selected messages. In the upper area of ​​this there is another set of controls to respond individually to a message, to all, forward or redirect messages, mark / unmark messages as read (individually or by groups), trash and assign labels for messages. In the area to the right of the screen there are more configuration options to customize views.

Opera Mail 1.0 for Windows supports mail management of various Webmail services: AOL Mail, FastMail, Gmail, MobileMe, Windows Live Hotmail, and Yahoo! Mail. I have tried setting up accounts for several of these services, and the setup wizard allows you to do the job without any complications. You can set up an account in a few seconds.

Opera Mail supports POP, IMAP and SMTP mail protocols. The product can also be used for news tracking, supporting RSS, Atom and NNTP protocols. In this first installment already it is possible to import messages and settings from other clients, like Opera (versions 5 to 11), Outlook Express, Eudora, Thunderbird, Netscape Mail, etc, in addition to any mail stored in the generic mbox format (.mbx or .mbs).

Opera Mail for Windows 1.0, import wizard

h2. Opera Mail, first impressions

With the intention of establishing a minimal comparison with the desktop client that I use by default, Mozilla Thunderbird, I have configured Opera Mail to access one of the mail accounts that I manage with the Mozilla product, which contains just under 2,000 messages. The speed difference in favor of Opera Mail is important, particularly in the search option.

Due to the proliferation of webmail, the offering of desktop mail clients on Windows is somewhat limited. The appearance of Opera Mail means animating a segment of applications with few options. The appearance of clients for Mac and Linux is expected, although without definitive dates at the moment.

For more than one user the “grace” of the Opera mail client was precisely its integration with the browser. However, I think it is good to have different options and thus be able to choose the mail client application that we like the most.

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