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On this website they compile free movies that can be seen online and publish them all in one place

26 mayo, 2021

Movies Found Online is a relatively old but good little website. It is something like an aggregator of free movies that you can get on sites like YouTube and Vimeo, but organized in one place.

They don’t host anything, they just wander the web looking for videos that others have uploaded, whether they are films, shorts, documentaries, series, animation, and other random interesting videos. They basically save you the trouble of searching for free things to watch on YouTube.


From cult classics to independent films

Free Movies Online

In Movies Found Online there is everything. While some videos have been officially uploaded and available for free, others are simply courtesy of accounts that sometimes upload content that stays on YouTube for a long time without anyone deleting it.

The web has a search engine and on the home page are the main categories in which the content is organized. As they do not host anything, the only thing you can expect at the subtitle level are usually those automatically generated by YouTube, which sometimes don’t go too bad.

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I find the animation section especially interesting, since most are videos uploaded by their own creators to popular platforms and you get gems that the YouTube algorithm will rarely recommend, and in many cases (most) you don’t need to understand any other language to enjoy their stories.

If you want to be aware of when they publish something new you can follow them on Twitter or subscribe to their RSS feed as in ancient times.