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On this website you can download audio or YouTube videos and even create GIFs from them

23 mayo, 2021

There are many ways to download YouTube videos, some quite great like youtube-dl, although not everyone has found it fun to use the terminal or install a complete application on their computer just for that.

This is where it is sometimes simpler use a website where you can paste a link to a video and that’s it. And, although many of these websites tend to disappear from one day to the next without a trace, there is one that seems to resist because of how discreet it is about it: Y23.

Download videos, download only audio, convert playlists, create GIFs


Y23 is an extremely simple website where you can do only one thing: paste a URL or video ID and download it to your computer. Now, Y23 offers you some additional options in this regard:

If you paste the URL and simply click on “Submit” you will be offered multiple options to download the audio from the video in different formats. If you paste the URL and click on the switch to select video, you will then be able to download the video, although only in MP4 and at 640×360 pixels.

Y23 Download Videos

With this application for Windows, Linux or macOS you can download YouTube videos easily and in batch

The other useful option is that if you click on the blue pencil-shaped icon, you can edit the download, and that is where the greatest utility of this tool is. You can decide exactly which segment of the video to download, or you can create a GIF with three seconds of the video.

As you can see, this website is not exactly the one you are going to want if you are interested in downloading HD or 4K videos from YouTube to your computer, It is more for those who want to download fast audio (up to 10 video playlists at a time), or for those who want to download small segments of a video, or create GIFs to make memes.

Either way, it is a good resource to keep in your favorites in case of a rainy day. Y23 also has an alpha application for Android, you can download the APK from the same website, since for obvious reasons you will not see it in the Google Play Store.