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On this website you can find instrumental music without copyright for your videos, websites, animations or presentations

22 mayo, 2021

The one who has the most and the least, on some occasion, has needed to find instrumental music without copyright for a project. Maybe for a video, for an animation, for a presentation, for a website … and, of course, if getting that song we are looking for does not entail any cost, all the better.

That is why it is worth knowing places like this, Bensound, which offer us dozens and dozens of high quality music themes, absolutely royalty free, ready to use in our multimedia projects. Free stock music that hardly requires proving its origin; that is the only payment to be made.

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Royalty Free Music By Bensound Google Chrome 2018 11 02 17 31 35

As they explain to us from the license section of the web, we can use the music present in Bensound for free under a Creative Commons license as long as we accredit. How? Clearly, showing the web. For example, they tell us from the service, we can use the formula “Music: ‘Song title’ from”. It’s that simple, no more is needed.

We can credit the use of this instrumental music simply by displaying “Music: ‘Song Title’ from”

The royalty-free music library offered by this service is characterized by the quality of the pieces, their variety, as well as the careful organization what’s wrong with it. At the top we find different styles, such as electronic, folk, urban or jazz music. And if we click on them, we will find songs that represent them. A way to refine our search.

Summer Chill Out Lounge Electronica Royalty Free Music Google Chrome 2018 11 02 17 44 34

But there is more. Because if we enter one of the songs, we will find a detailed description about it and a series of labels that classify it in different orders. For example, the song titled Summer we found it labeled as relax, beach, lounge or chillout. In any case, when it comes to finding the right topic, we always have the search engine on the main page.

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The only thing we have to bear in mind is that the use of these songs in audiobooks is not allowed, it is not allowed either in podcasts, nor can we make new songs from them, mixing is also prohibited. Of course, if we have special needs not covered by the generous standard license, a pro license is available that would allow us, for example, to use these pieces for videos that are broadcast on television.

Finally, it should be noted that Bensound is aware that someone could be abusing their service and harming their legitimate users. Therefore, if we use one of their songs and receive a copyright claim, they encourage us to say that we have a license or permission to the songs used and inform them so that they too can take action.