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On this website you can learn everything about the Linux terminal for free and interactively

24 mayo, 2021

The terminal on Linux it is one of the most powerful and all-rounder tools a user can learn to use. You can do almost anything you can think of with it, but for many it can be intimidating or simply unnecessary when there are comfortable graphical interfaces that only require simple clicks.

If you really want to learn to master it and not stay with the classic top 10 of commands you should know, in Webminal they offer you a free and interactive way to learning by doing. There you find everything about the Linux console and you can get to work writing instructions until you internalize them.

I’m not bad at math, I want to learn to program CAPTCHA 2×04

Webminal Player

Webminal is a learning platform dedicated exclusively to learning about Linux. Its main attraction is the online terminal with which they have, a tool that you can use to practice and learn everything about the command line in a very interesting way.

In order to use Webminal you must register and create an account. Once this is done you will be able to start the practices and you will use your username and password of the site to do login in the web terminal. Webminal divides your screen into two parts: on the left you have a web emulator for the Linux terminal and on the right you have detailed instructions that teach you everything about the different commands.

In addition to the terminal with lessons, also you have a terminal to play and practice, with different instructions both in text and in video. The only annoyance of the site is that you have to enter an insufferable CAPTCHA every time you go to log in.

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