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On this website you can play Counter Strike online, for free and with friends from a browser tab

22 mayo, 2021

Counter strike It is perhaps the most famous shooter in history, the game has been giving many hours of fun for more than two decades, and without it it would be more difficult to understand the success of franchises like Call of Duty, or of the same online game and eSports.

But before CS: GO with everything and its free version, it was CS 1.6 one of the most famous versions and the favorite of the competitive scene, and today that version can be played online, free and from a simple browser tab to have a good time with zero complications.


Enter any server in one click, without registration, without downloads

Cs 16 Online

The website offers servers in various countries of the world to play against other players online, and you can also generate links to invite your friends. The site has a lot of traffic and there are always servers to play a game with someone.

If you register you can request a private server through Discord, or with certain premium options that they offer. Normal servers let you play for 20 rounds and then send you to the lobby, the private ones do not have that limitation.

History and evolution of Counter Strike, the game that has been one of the benchmark FPS for more than 20 years

Cs Online

On the web you get the list of available games closer to your location according to server, but you can filter to include more countries. On the right you can see invitations to public and private servers and some details about the game mode, including if they have voice chat or not.

The site offers most classic game modes, along with other extras whose description you can read in this link. There is also a Duel mode to play against just one friend. The recommended minimum connection speed to play without lag is 10 Mbps.