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On this website you can remove the background of any image in one click and for free

22 mayo, 2021

Trace is a new Sticker Mule service that automatically remove the background from any photo. You just have to go to the web, log in by creating an account or using your Google credentials and upload the image in question. The only negative is that, it asks for registration and it will take a little longer than ideal to be able to do what we want with the image.

The process is extremely simple and works with almost any photo as long as the background and the subject you want to isolate are seen relatively in different planes. For example, in a photo with effects like this, the tool fails to isolate the subjects.

Remove the background from almost any photo automatically

The tool It is completely free and allows you to download the resulting image in high resolution and without any type of watermark. In addition to this, Tracer offers a few additional options:

For example, in addition to removing the background instantly, it offers you the possibility of replace the background with other things. The integrated editor has several options for images and background colors that you can add in one click.

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With this application for Windows you can double the size of almost any image without losing quality

In the colors section you can choose from a preset palette, or enter a hex color in the wheel. The available background images are not very varied, but they will surely help someone.

Either way, it’s a useful, easy-to-use, free tool that deserves a spot in your browser’s bookmarks to have on hand in a time of need.