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Opera will also adopt Blink as a rendering engine in the wake of Google

26 mayo, 2021

Opera Software is not going to be left behind seeing the evolution that Google has chosen developing the Blink rendering engine: one of the developers of the Norwegian company has confirmed in his personal blog that Opera browser will also adore Blink in its future versions. They already announced that they would be moving to Webkit, and in a way they will continue to do so since Blink is a spin-off project or fork from Webkit.

According to Lars Erik Bolstad, vice president of technology at Opera Software, the company “want to contribute your browser engine expertise to Blink, through the implementation of new web standards and the improvement of the existing code. “He also commented that his goal is that” everyone can participate in the process, regardless of which company or organization they work for. “

Lawson is of the personal opinion (and not on behalf of Opera Software) that the adoption of Blink will benefit the browser market thanks to the fact that it will diversify it but at the same time it will not add more layers of complexity for developers. At the same time remember that Opera’s current rendering engine, Presto, will gradually fade but will continue to exist until 2020.

So far Opera has already released a preview version of Opera based on Webkit for Android. We are still waiting for this engine to reach the desktop versions.

Via | In Genbeta | We comment on the news of browsers with Opera Software