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Outlook for Android is Microsoft’s new email client with support for other accounts

22 mayo, 2021

Along with the launch of the Office suite for Android tablets Microsoft has also launched today for our Android devices a new official application of Outlook that has nothing to do with the application launched a few years ago.

While the application is limited to Microsoft accounts only and has a Windows Phone-style interface, the application Outlook for Android has interface Material Design, supports multiple email accounts such as Exchange, Office 365, (includes Hotmail, MSN), Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and iCloud and it’s a lot More complete.

Outlook for Android

Outlook for Android offers us a complete email manager with a unified view of your mail, calendar, contacts and attachments from OneDrive and DropBox. This new Microsoft application shows us the most important messages at the beginning, allows us to filter emails, delete, archive or quickly schedule emails with a gesture, and share available times and schedule meetings.

Outlook for Android

This new app of Outlook for Android It is the result of the purchase of the powerful Acompli email client by Microsoft last December, which guarantees that it will be a good multi-account email client.


Outlook Version 1.0

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