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over 6 million on Twitch to see a black hole that has eaten everything

27 mayo, 2021

Since last night, we may be going to the disappearance of ‘Fortnite’, or at least that is what Epic Games is promoting or making us believe, which said on social networks that the game was nearing its end on October 13 . The truth is that a black hole has literally engulfed your entire universe, and for hours it has been shown as if it were an astronomical event.

To add excitement to the matter, the company has made the maps and players disappear, thus it is not possible to play nor communicate with other players in any way. In addition, there is no longer a presence on Epic’s official Twitter profile or on its website, which links to the Twitch channel where the evolution of the black hole can be witnessed live.

The campaign has been of such magnitude that the reaction of the public has accompanied. In the late last night more than six million people They have simultaneously connected to the ‘Fortnite’ Twitch channel to see what the black hole is about, without finding much more than its simple image accompanied by music. To this must be added other four million on YouTube. The moment everything disappeared It has been collected in videos like the one we see below, and it is spectacular.

What comes now in ‘Fortnite’

Fortnite Leak in the App Store that points to a new map in Chapter 2 of the game.

Epic Games hasn’t made public its plans for what’s next in the popular battle royale, but a leak on the iOS App Store could indicate where the shots are going.

The best videos of the Fortnite event and the black hole that has broken the map (and the game)

The account @ShiinaBR, which usually leaks’ Fortnite ‘, picked up a screenshot of the Italian App Store where it could read’ Fortnite Capitolo 2 ‘, or what is the same,’Fortnite Chapter 2‘. In addition, as we can see, a new map is observed, which if arrived, would represent a radical change for a game that has settled from the beginning in the same virtual location.

The eleventh season of ‘Fortnite’ aims to be more than just a jump

Up to now, the game has evolved from season to season, but in this case it would be a chapter change that suggests deeper changes, which as pointed out by our colleagues from Vodaextra, could imply that the game leaves beta, the state it is still in, or that the Save the World mode becomes Free to Play, a fact that has already been confirmed to happen in 2019.

Be that as it may, we may be going to one of those macro events of this era of videogames that contains big surprises, is remembered for many years. At a time when everything is leaking and there are few surprises in general, Epic Games has managed to have more than six million people waiting at the same time, and that, beyond the hype, It has much merit.

If you want to shorten the wait, on the black hole screen in the game you can play a minigame like an Easter egg that is activated with the following frequency: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right ( according to our system) B / Círculo, A / X, START / ENTER / OPTIONS.