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Paint and WordPad will become optional system features

27 mayo, 2021

The last couple of years has been a seesaw for Paint, first Microsoft had said that the tool would disappear from Windows 10 after more than 30 years of life coming installed by default in the operating system. Its replacement: Paint 3D.

Today, the story is different, although it remains somewhat uncertain. After deciding that they wouldn’t kill paintMicrosoft confirmed a few months ago that the tool would continue to be part of Windows 10, but now we know that it will become an optional feature.

This means that by the time Windows 10 receives its first 2020 update, which is currently in preview for Insiders, Paint will join the list of optional system programs and features, such as Windows Media Player or the Internet. Explorer.

And not only will Paint become part of that list, so will old WordPad. Now, what this means is that if they continue to come installed by default, you can uninstall both Paint and WordPad at any time on your system.

Reliving the nostalgia of the old MS Paint is now possible from any browser


WordPad and Paint join Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer and become optional features of Windows 10

Optional Features

From the list of optional Windows features we can always activate or deactivate functions and programs, that is, although neither Paint nor WordPad are saying goodbye at all and will remain accessible, if they have half a foot in the grave.

It is curious that just a few months ago Paint received new functions with the arrival of the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, Microsoft recently added functions to draw using only the keyboard.

Whether Microsoft plans to continue improving Paint or not is something we will have to wait to see, although this decision implies that it does not. We also do not know if for the arrival of the next version of Windows 10, these apps as optional features will become active or inactive by default.