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PayPal will charge 12 euros per year if our account is inactive, although not in Spain [Actualizado]

27 mayo, 2021

Update 17 hours: From PayPal they clarify to Genbeta that the measure, contrary to what was initially indicated, does not apply to Spanish consumers. “These 12 euros are only charged if there is a deposit in the PayPal account. If there are eight euros in the account, only eight euros will be charged, but if there is no balance, there is no charge for inactivity and of course the money is not taken from the card or the bank or anything. It is only if you have a balance and in the countries that apply, “they clarify. In addition, before carrying out this action, PayPal ensures that it will send three notifications to the user. To prove that it is not inactive, you just have to log in, as indicated, and no transaction is necessary.

PayPal announced on September 29 a modification of the Legal Agreements, a fact that affects all users of the online payment service. The changes take effect on December 16, 2020. According to the company, If we do not accept the changes, we can close it before that date to avoid incurring additional costs.

The big news, considering the large number of users that PayPal has, and who do not always have to use their account, is the introduction of an ‘inactivity fee’. The company mentions that “if your PayPal account is inactive for at least 12 consecutive months, we may charge you an annual inactivity fee.” The cost of this fee is 12 euros, or the remaining balance of the account in case the available quantity is less.

What PayPal considers “inactivity”, and how to avoid paying if our account is not used


According to the new PayPal rules, inactivity does not imply not having made or received payments with our account. On the contrary, according to PayPal, inactivity means “not having logged into your PayPal account has not used it to send, receive or withdraw money”.

Namely, avoiding paying the 12 euro fee can be as easy as logging in once a year and receiving a small income from a friend or send us the money, because as we said, they have to spend 12 consecutive months without performing any of these actions mentioned by PayPal.

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On the other hand, PayPal will charge 12 euros as long as there is that amount or more of money in our account. If the account contains five euros of balance, those five euros will be charged. If there is no PayPal balance and there are no associated cards or accounts, PayPal may not be able to charge, but the company does not indicate whether the amount will have to be paid when there is a balance.

The easiest way to avoid being charged is to delete our PayPal account, so that the inactivity is due to the fact that we are no longer users. Doing so is as easy as logging into this company link, and clicking on the ‘Close account’ link. From there, it’s a matter of taking steps. From Genbeta we have contacted PayPal to confirm the details of the new conditions, and we will update the article if there are news.

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More information | PayPal Terms of Use (PDF)