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PhotoMath, the popular application to solve mathematical equations with the camera comes to Android

26 mayo, 2021

The math It is one of the sciences that students are most choking on, since it is not a subject of just memorizing, but you have to use logic and understand each of the steps to be able to solve any problem.

Our mobile device can be our great ally to help us learn this subject thanks to applications such as PhotoMath that has just arrived on Android after its success on iOS and Windows Phone, and that on top of it is totally free.


PhotoMath Microblink is one of those excellent tools that will help us learn mathematics since it allows us to solve math facts with the camera of our device. We just have to point the camera at an equation so that the application magically shows us the result.

This tool for learning mathematics will allow us to quickly verify if we have performed the exercises correctly, showing us step by step with explanations how the equation has been solved. It’s the smartest camera calculator on the market today.

PhotoMath it only recognizes simple math problems like basic arithmetic, fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations, and various functions like logarithms. It does not recognize derivatives, integrals or limits, although its creators will add new operations in future updates. Handwritten formulas are not recognized by the app either, but this is something they will support soon.


PhotoMath Version 1.0

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