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‘Plandemic’, the conspiracy video about the coronavirus that Facebook, YouTube and other platforms try to eliminate

27 mayo, 2021

In the last days a video with dangerous claims about the pandemic caused by the coronavirus It has become viral in the United States and is beginning to spread rapidly in other places such as Spain or Latin America.

He denounces an alleged secret global plot of international elites on account of the health crisishints that flu vaccines have been used to spread the coronavirus and casts doubt on masks because “it literally activates your own virus.” No evidence.

The video speaks, without proof, of a conspiracy of certain elites whose objective would be to enrich themselves and take power thanks to the health crisis

The recording published a week ago on YouTube links people like Bill Gates or Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases of the United States and visible face of the fight against coronavirus in the country, with that alleged conspiracy of certain elites whose objective would be to enrich themselves and take political power thanks to the health crisis that plagues much of the planet.

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Plandemic, the umpteenth conspiracy

Entry 2020 05 12 181741 Judy Mikovits in the viralized video.

The piece starring the discredited Dr. Judy Mikovits, snippet of a longer video titled Plandemic, has been spread in the United States by anti-vaccines, conspiracy groups and activists of the Reopen America movement, as explained The New York Times, accumulating more than eight million times.

The video presents an elaborate and professional interview with Mikovits in which it is maintained that the coronavirus that causes the disease known as COVID-19 is impossible to have originated naturally. That is would have been artificially created. In addition, it goes further and ensures that flu vaccines would have been used to inoculate the virus latently.

The conspiracy video proposes that flu vaccines have been used to inoculate latently the virus and that the use of protective measures, such as masks or gloves, activates the virus

Untitled Paint 2020 05 12 15 59 35 The YouTube search itself suggests us to look for the video with Spanish subtitles; Furthermore, one of the first results shows ‘Plandemic’ in its original version with Portuguese subtitles.

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The way to activate this sleeping agent, according to the recording, is precisely the use of gloves and a mask. Their use makes them even more ill, suggests the fake documents. What naturally not true, as has been made clear by numerous scientists, verifiers and specialized publications in science such as Science throughout the last few days. Although it follows the infodemic.

Mikovits also assures in the video, with a professional montage and editing, that Dr. Fauci would have thrown down his research on how vaccines can damage people’s immune systems. And, this alleged circumstance, which would make people find themselves in a weakened position against diseases such as that caused by the new coronavirus. More vaccine misinformation, in this case.

“Suggesting that wearing a mask can make you sick could cause imminent harm,” they say from Facebook justifying the removal of the controversial video

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Given the dangerous and unfounded claims that the video supports, even suggesting that the death toll is being misrepresented to exert control over people, Platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook are trying to eliminate it due to the risk it poses to public health that the falsehoods it maintains are taken into account by people.

This past Thursday they committed to it, although we have verified that it is not easy to find the video (directly uploaded or linked) on Twitter or even on YouTube. “Suggesting that wearing a mask can make you sick could cause imminent harm,” said a Facebook representative justifying the decision. For its part, YouTube has made it clear in the deleted copies of the video that your content violates community norms. The Google platform has already made it clear in the past that it would delete videos related to the coronavirus that deal with alleged cures that may be dangerous or discuss mandates of the health authorities.