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Platzi will offer temporary open access to its more than 600 online courses, register to take as many as you want

23 mayo, 2021

During October 30 and 31, the online education platform Platzi will be opening its entire catalog of courses so that anyone can take as many as they want from the more than 600 available.

All you need to do is register on the web if you do not have an account, and you can choose between themes such as programming, marketing, business, design, English or entrepreneurship from any of the Platzi schools.

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A single course at Platzi costs 49 euros

Platzi Free

This platform is one of the most famous in Spain and Latin America, normally a single course in Platzi costs 49 euros, so it is usually better to opt for their monthly subscription plans that give access to all courses and schools.

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Platzi has applications for iOS and Android with exclusive content, in addition to offering diplomas with certification digital or physical depending on the plan, and offline class downloads.

All courses are in Spanish, they offer access to videos, exercises and evaluations. Two days is not too long, but enough to choose at least one course or a couple, commit to finish them and take advantage of this offer, and perhaps consider whether it is worth paying for a subscription.

If you already had a Platzi account, you just have to wait for the 30th to arrive and you will automatically have free access to the entire course catalog. No need to add any payment method.