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Play ‘Rock, Paper or Scissors’ with your browser

27 mayo, 2021

If there is a classic game par excellence, that is ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’, a method with which many things have been decided throughout our lives (the classic “we throw it to Rock, Paper, Scissors”).

A great website allows us to play without the need for a friend, competing directly against our browser. Of course, it will have to be a browser WebGL compatible (Firefox or Chrome work).

Personally, on macOS I had a problem getting the camera to start in Chrome, but with Firefox it worked perfectly for me.

Some emojis will show you at all times the figure it is detecting.

We will simply have to access the web and click on the gigantic button that says ‘Play Rock Paper Scissors’. Obviously, we will need to have a camera on our device, so that it knows what we have chosen.

Rock Paper or Scissors

To start the game, he will ask us to make with our hand a stone, and there the game will begin. We will see emojis that tell us what figure we are making. It detects them really well, although sometimes it fails with the most basic: telling who of the two has won.

It is a web page recently, so I’m sure they will improve it so that it works correctly. It is ideal for those moments when we are bored, or have to make a decision based on chance.

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