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PopUpOFF eliminates annoyances like popups and overlays

26 mayo, 2021

Many of the modern annoyances when browsing the web they go beyond advertisements. Sometimes we have sounds or videos that play themselves, pop-ups like popups that get traversed in everything, or sites that keep asking if they can show you notifications.

If what you want is to end a large part of those annoyances, the Chrome extension PopUpOFF takes care of several of them for you. This tool removes popups, overlays, cookie notifications, and many other things from any website you visit.

If it bothers you that when entering a website a message that covers almost the entire screen and blocks the text you wanted to read, this is your extension. If you don’t support the “this site uses cookies” warnings, and if you simply want a cleaner browsing experience, this is your extension.

Remove things that adblockers can’t

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Its creator says that he made this extension for himself because most adblockers usually don’t remove these pesky items They take up space on the screen unnecessarily. Once you install it you can remove pop-ups and overlays in a couple of clicks.

He also explains that his extension does collect some data, not the websites you visit, but the functions that his plugin users use the most to better understand what people need. If you feel comfortable with those terms in exchange for what it offers, then install the extension.

The project is open source and its code is available on GitHub. The extension is in constant development and for the future it plans to add an automatic mode in which the user does not need to click to remove the elements that annoy them. He also plans to bring the extension to Firefox, offer a distraction-free reading mode of any kind, and translate the extension into other languages.