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potentially the most popular meme in Spanish

26 mayo, 2021

The meme that arose as a result of the graffiti of “EMOSIDO DECEIVED” is on the way to making much more history than it has done as a social media phenomenon, as it has appeared in a building in CyberPunk 2077. It is as surprising as when it did the same in October. own in PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds).

Has been the Twitter user @WiyoExp who sighted the famous graffiti of Alcalá de Guadaira in one of the games of the year, as brilliant as it was criticized for its bugs and for the practices of its developer, CD Projekt Red.

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DECEIVED EMOSIDO, potentially the most viewed meme in Spanish outside of social networks

Emosido Location

After sharing the existence of the building where we can see the DECEIVED EMOSIDO in its splendor, @WiyoExp shared more images where the game’s character posed in front of the impressive urban artwork. Faced with requests for location within the game and suspicions that it was a montage and not something real, he decided to share the exact place where it can be found in the game, in case we decide to take a walk around the city to see it.

Something very interesting is that It is not something only available by setting the game in Spanish., as it was Wiyo himself who confirmed that playing in English also appears. On the occasion of the appearance of the DECEIVED EMOSIDO in PUBG, it became known that that work was probably a wink from Spanish developers who work in Spanish who work in the art team of PUBG Corporation.

EMOSIDO DECEIVED became known in 2016 when @misstrainwreck shared the work. The incredible thing is that of a photo that is uploaded as a grace We have moved on to a meme that, although many players do not know it, may be the most viewed or repeated image in Spanish in a game in history. Really impressive. Unfortunately, the graffiti was removed in 2017 with a renovation of the building’s facade.