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Preserve your personal safety with these apps

27 mayo, 2021

Despite the unpleasantness of the approach, the truth is that theft, extortion, threats and other practices that put us in danger continue to figure among social problems. And although it is not about being alarmist, it never hurts to know the tools that we have at our disposal to face them.

Therefore, today we collect some of the best applications that help preserve our personal security; and that range from useful advice against robbers and other situations, alerts to the police, geolocation systems, to specific sections to report certain cases anonymously.


Under the slogan of “The End of Worry” and compatible with Android and iOS, bSafe is among our favorites. The reason? That with it we have the possibility not only to guarantee our own safety, but also that of our loved ones, as it connects us with them to “keep us safe”.

In addition, it integrates an alarm button -to warn that we are in danger-, as well as a location system and other tools that allow you, for example, to make a fictitious call -to serve as an excuse to escape a imminently dangerous situation-, or even contact acquaintances who are close to you so that they can “walk” by your side (ideal when you come back from partying at night).

Watch Over Me App

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Designed for all kinds of situations, Whatch Over Me App will help you feel safe when you need it most. Although not as complete as the previous one, it has a GPS locator that lets you inform your family or friends of your journey. It is enough to indicate the time you need this surveillance so that, if you do not reach your destination, the utility will send an alert and start record everything that is happening using the camera of your smartphone.

Another option lies in activate alarms for marked zones as insecure, so you don’t forget to be alert. It also includes a technology that, by shaking the phone, turns on the video system to record what happened. The last update is from January 10th and has added payment features.

Life360 Family Locator App


With a starting point very similar to the previous ones, Life360 consists precisely of what its name indicates: a locator that gives you the option of checking where your family members are using the GPS on your phone. Something that, while in itself not innovative, incorporates specific security features.

To give you an idea, integrate a chat so that you can talk with all the members of your circle, a function to receive alerts, an invitation system to preserve the privacy of the tracking and carry it out when necessary, as well as a system that finds our smartphone in case of theft (yes, like Google). A compilation that, although it does not provide great improvements, is comfortable and groups together different existing tools.



Also similar and invented by Stephan Boyer, a developer who wanted to protect his partner, Kitestring adds another very useful feature: to send you a message to know if you are okay. In case you don’t answer, it will activate an alert to inform your acquaintances that you may be in danger. One of his particularities is that it is not necessary to download it if you want to use it, but you can access it through the browser, on its website.

Remember to enter the phone numbers of emergency and to correctly activate the time during which you want to “be watched”. The service uses sms and works in up to 217 different countries. In addition, the app allows you to set a password to prevent attackers from impersonating you in case you have problems. There is a paid version with more advantages.

Vithu App


Although it does not differ too much from the rest, it has a feature that distinguishes it and gives it an added value: that of alerting with intervals of time. That is to say, you will not only have the possibility to notify the contacts you have designated that you are in danger, but Vithu App will continue to do so every two minutes, informing you of your location.

In addition, it has a specific section on security advice that you can launch in difficult situations. It has a very accessible panic button, the possibility of sharing on Facebook and Twitter, a section to customize the alert message and a simple and intuitive design.

Mobile FP


Although it is focused on Mexico, it has caught our attention, since it is an app of the so-called Federal Police, which gives citizens the opportunity to send videos, voice messages and messages to the Commissioner’s Attention Center. sms, to report any crime. Something that can be done anonymously (or not). The information, in any case, is always confidential.

Apart from this and given the problems present in the country, we find other similar ones such as PGJDMX –adds the tracking of stolen cars, detained people and others-, and Mobile Report –another tool. public of the Citizen Council of Public Safety which is also used for informational purposes.

Image | Pixabay

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