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Preview, the new TinyURL feature

27 mayo, 2021

With so many tools that have appeared in recent times, since the appearance of TinyURL, which allow us to obtain short addresses from the long addresses that we enter, one of the things that users can find are links that lead us to malicious and harmful sites, both for the health of our system and for what unsuitable that some webs to which it redirects us may be.

So TinyURL just added a function that allows us to previously obtain the real url as a prior step to going to that specific website. But it exists, and for that we must go to the preview section from TinyURL, which will introduce a cookie in our browser, so that when we find a TinyURL address, by clicking on it, a page will appear where it will show us the real address to which it is going to direct us. Of course, in some cases it can be an annoying utility, so it can also be disabled from the preview page.

But also, introducing “preview” inside the url of any address of TinyURL, such as, to whom we send the link, you will be able to see in a previous step the web address to which the link will redirect you.

And whoever collects long url shortener services, add LiURL, which is too basic a service, where we will only enter the long url and we will get a short url, without any additional function.

Via | Download Squad Link | TinyURL Preview Link | LiURL