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Qool, your virtual board on Windows 8 and Windows Phone

27 mayo, 2021

Many people are true fans of post-its, those little notes with a little glue that we can use to put notes quickly. In fact, almost all the students I know have notes, either on their physical desk or on their computer.

For all those people this application is. His name is Qool and its main task is to put at our disposal a virtual board where we can place all kinds of notes.

We can place notes of text of different colors and sizes (unfortunately without being able to enrich it with format), images Y all kinds of files, which will also be synchronized using SkyDrive, so that we can use the application and the board that it offers us on all our computers with Windows 8. They also offer an application for Windows Phone.

Offers options to organize our notes automatically (stacking them, in mosaic, by colors …) and, in addition, we can put the background that we want. In this way we can use one with a template (it offers several predefined ones) or without it. It can also be used as a somewhat rudimentary task manager, since it allows us to mark notes as “completed”.

If I can put any problem, it is that the synchronization does not take place in the background (it makes the application useless while it is synchronizing) and we can only have one plank, something that will correct in future updates is available now (albeit as an in-app purchase).

Qool is available in the Windows store and in the Windows Phone store completely free of charge, and only requires a Microsoft account to connect to our SkyDrive.

Download | Qool for Windows 8 | Qool for Windows Phone Official Site | Qool