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QRpedia generates the QR code of any Wikipedia page

26 mayo, 2021

QRpedia is a Wikipedia service that allows us generate a QR code from any page of the popular collaborative encyclopedia that will lead to the mobile version of the entry in question. All we have to do is enter the address of a Wikipedia page and the code will automatically appear that we can save normally as any other image (in this case, a PNG).

This service made its appearance in April this year and was initially used only in the Derby Museum and Art Gallery, a historical museum of fine arts in Derby (England), although later other museums also used it. However now is already available to anyone who wants to make use of it.

The use of QR codes in physical spaces allows you to easily expand the information of what we are seeing and is a great and useful complement in this age of smartphones. Although there are many tools to generate the QR code of any page (without going any further, the one offered by WolframAlpha and which my colleague Miguel Julián spoke about), this specific one from Wikipedia can be very helpful. to extend your application in museums and exhibitions around the world.

Via | ReadWriteWeb
Link | QRpedia