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Rabbit allows you to surf the Internet, watch and comment on videos with friends who are far away

26 mayo, 2021

In the past we have already talked about some tools that allow us to watch video content with friends from a distance. Today we are going to take a step further, analyzing a platform that offers a very interesting experience.

Rabbit wants that we watch content with our friends, even though they are not in the same room than us. In this way, we can see and comment live what a movie, a chapter of a series or a video is looking like on YouTube.

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Rabbit seeks that watching series or movies remains a “social” experience

This platform was launched a few years ago, but has evolved a lot over time. The company ensures that with its service we can watch “any video content with anyone, anywhere in the world, at the same time.”

Once we have created an account (totally free) we can choose to create public or private rooms, in order to share the experience with friends and strangers.

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Whenever we want, we can launch a browser and start looking for content on YouTube, put a chapter of a series on a streaming platform or even browse your favorite page.

The chat appears on the right side (in the web version) and, in addition to comments, you can send the classic ones reactions that appear superimposed on top of the video. In Genbeta We have tested it and the truth is that it works very smoothly.

In this way, several people can enjoy the same Netflix account

Your friends will receive notifications every time you go to see something on Rabbit, in case you want to join and watch it together. In this way, multiple people can enjoy one Netflix account.

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Multiple “shows” can be added to each group, so you can use that group with the same friends to talk about a series, a YouTube channel, movie genres, etc.

In addition to the web version, it has an application for Android and iOS, where the entire interface has been redesigned to make it faster and easier to use. In addition, you can search and add yourself to open groups that already exist.

There is also an extension for Google Chrome that allows us to “share in Rabbit” anything we see in the browser with a simple click.