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Radar Spain, a bet to support emerging Spanish artists

26 mayo, 2021

The Global Emerging Artists Program of Spotify, RADAR, is expanding focusing on fifty countries and Spain has been one of those chosen. Radar Spain was born to, the company affirms, “to support emerging talent in our country by taking advantage of its cultural relevance and impact”.

In Spain, this program starts with ten artists –Aleesha, Delaporte, Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba, Deva, Dora, El Greco, Guitarricadelafuente, María José Llergo, Morad, and Paranoid 1966– and is accompanied by a playlist of the same name to the initiative, Radar Spain. In addition, they stand out from the platform, there is a female presence of 60%.

Radar Spain kicks off with artists of various genres and a 60% female presence

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Beyond simple recommendations

Radar Spain

The idea is that this program promotes the emerging musical talent of each country publicizing the history of these singers and groups through the different Spotify channels. Both from the platform itself, and from other channels such as social networks or exclusive and original content.

One way to go beyond a simple automated recommendation through the classic ones playlist of discovery according to our tastes.

The Radar Spain playlist that accompanies the initiative will be periodically updated with new releases

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The discovery playlist of the artists of Radar Spain it will be updated repeatedly with new releases and will complement support for emerging figures from other countries. At RADAR there are global groups and singers such as Alaina Castillo, in the United States; Young T + Bugsey, in the UK; Silvana Estrada, in Mexico; Agnes Nunes, in Brazil, and Lous and the Yakuza, in France, among others.