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Rememble, creating our timeline with images, videos, audios and texts

27 mayo, 2021

We have already talked, on previous occasions, about some services that allow us to create our timeline. Well Rememble It will not be less, although perhaps it can be simpler than many others, and with a specific purpose: make a timeline where you can enter, in chronological order, images, videos, audios and texts. This timeline is easy to navigate, with options for zooming, editing, selection of access privileges for each content, etc.

For this we have a form that allows us to upload these contents via the web, placing them at a specific date and time, where they will be accompanied by labels and personal comments as well as the level of access privileges by other users. It also allows us to upload content through email and multimedia messages.

And it is that we can not only upload our content, where we also we can include our Twitter statuses and our images hosted on flickr, but also, we can create our network of friends and keep track of their own timelines.

In addition, we can join existing groups, which we can locate in your directory, or create our groups on the topics we want.

On a negative note, eThe number of content to be published each month is limited, although at the moment the payment options are not, at the moment, available, so it is still not possible to upgrade the free accounts to premium accounts.

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