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Remove Bonjour from your Windows

24 mayo, 2021

Bonjour is a small application that if at any time we have installed an application of Manzana in our Windows it is very possible that we have installed it as well. Bonjour It is used to detect services that are published in the local network, the only thing is that with Windows this is not necessary, with which Bonjour it won’t do us much good.

Bonjour we load a process in the system called mdnsresponder.exe that the only thing it does, practically, is load us with a useless process consuming memory for free. So if we really won’t need Bonjour there is a very easy way to remove it.

For this we will use Au Revoir Bonjour, a small application that will scan the disk looking for any trace of Bonjour to remove it unceremoniously. Be careful with this because if we do not know very well what we are doing it is better to leave it since this permanently eliminates some files and services from the system and we could experience problems that we would not know how to solve later.

Via | GHacks Download | Au Revoir Bonjour