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Repelis, Cliver, Pepecine and six other pages have been blocked by Vodafone, Movistar and Orange by court order

23 mayo, 2021

The Commercial Court number 9 of Barcelona has once again acted against pages for downloads and viewing of movies and online series, so at this time, as we know from El País, access to,,,,,,, and is blocked in Spain by Telefónica, Vodafone, Ono and Orange.

The reason is a sentence of May 16, in which it is stated that these websites “are committing acts of infringement of intellectual property rights.” In addition to the aforementioned domains, the blocking will also affect domains, subdomains and IP addresses, which, as we already know, tend to arise when closures. The lawsuit in this case has been filed by Disney, Columbia, Universal, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros and Universal Cable, which are part of the Motion Picture Association of America.

In March,,,, and were blocked in the same court.

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Changing DNS is no longer enough

Traditionally, Bypassing these download web page blocks was possible simply by setting DNS other than those provided by the operator, such as from Google or from CloudFlare. However, in this case and in previous cases, this change no longer has any effect, and the browser will show the following message: yes or yes:


Of course, there are other solutions at the fingertips of any user to continue accessing these sites. The Opera browser includes a free VPN that can be located in Europe, Asia or America and that once activated makes it possible for the browser to continue loading these websites. In some cases, it is noted that the speed is not as fast as our connection would offer in case of not using a virtual private network, but the objective of bypassing the block is fulfilled.

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We do not know what day the complaint was filed, but as in the case of March, it seems that justice is greatly accelerating the deadlines in cases against download websites. The order against Elitetorrent or Gnula arrived only 42 days after the filing of the lawsuit