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Resize any photo or image to the perfect size for all social networks

23 mayo, 2021

Profile picture, Instagram story, Twitter cover, YouTube video thumbnail, LinkedIn background, etc. All these images and many more that we use in different social networks and the web they tend to have quite different and quite specific resolutions.

Although we can upload all kinds of images and sites tend to adjust them as best they can, We never know exactly what portion of the photo they will end up cropping or if it will deform a little. Here’s an excellent solution: this free tool to resize images in a couple of clicks.

How to double the size of any image without losing quality

This web utility is courtesy of Promo, an online visual content creation platform. Its name is quite generic, it is only called “Free Image and Photo Resizer”, and that is just what it does, resize any photo or image to perfectly fit the web or different social networks.

The tool offers support for multiple social media resolutions such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and even the Google Display Network.

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You also have the option of resize your image with custom measurements, scaling in width and height, increasing the scale in the horizontal or vertical axis and also locking the aspect ratio to avoid deformation.

The adjustment of image dimensions that this tool does offers better results than if you leave the work in the hands of the same social networks

You can upload the image from your computer or paste a URL of a photo that is already on the Internet. The results are quite good and truly better than social media resizes when you leave the job in their hands.

The images that you upload do not seem to have a high limit, I have done the test with an image of more than 11 MB in weight and a resolution of 6000×4000 and it has allowed me to scale perfectly to all the available dimensions.

The use of this website is completely free and you can download absolutely all the resizes at the same time or select only the ones that interest you. You can edit the resize a little individually, and you can also go straight to converting an image into video, but for the latter you will have to use the Promo payment tool, which is already another service.