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Restore Windows 10 to its original state without formatting

21 mayo, 2021

One of the best features of Windows 10 is that it offers the ability to restore the system to its original state without losing files or settings, all in just a few clicks. no need to format the disk nor create a bootable USB as in the case of a clean install.

Now, do not confuse this function of resetting with that of restoring Windows, which is a way of going back to a previous point before having made any change in the system that caused problems. Resetting Windows 10 is basically reinstall the system, and now with the 2004 version you can even do it from the cloud.


How to reset Windows 10 from the cloud and keep your files

Reset Windows 10 1

From any version of Windows 10 with support it is possible to do this. You just have to open the Setting (Windows key + I) select Update and security, click on Recovery and below the option Reset this PC you must choose “Begin“.

Reset Windows 10 2

Everything you can try to repair Windows before formatting your PC

Once this is done you will have two options: keep your files or remove everything. The first one leaves you reinstall Windows 10 but without erasing your data, that is, the documents, photos, and any files you have stored on the disk will remain in the same place when restoring.

The other option removes absolutely everything, so be careful if you haven’t made a backup.

Reset Windows 10 3

If you have already installed the Windows 10 May 2020 Update, that is, the 2004 version, you will have a new option present and that is Cloud download. This allows Windows 10 to download the files necessary to reinstall the system without having to rely on local files.

This is an option extremely useful if your system is not working well and the restore fails. This possibility does not exist in Windows 10 1909 (November 2019) and earlier.

How to reset Windows 10 if my computer won’t let me log in

If the reason you want to reset Windows 10 is because you can’t even log in but the login screen still appears, you have this option:

restart windows 10

You can press the key Windows + L to display the login screen. Once there press Shift and click the Start / Stop button at the same time, then select Restart.

How to create a recovery drive to repair Windows 10

This should show you the advanced home screen from which you can choose Solve problems followed by Reset this computer. The next thing is to repeat the steps we described before.

Reset Windows 10

The best thing to do if you already have Windows 10 2004 is always choose to restore from cloud, since from the local files it will most likely tend to fail, especially if you are doing this because the system does not work for you.