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review with features, price and specifications

24 mayo, 2021

Much for very little. This is what could better define this Alcatel 3V terminal that is ambitious: it has a design in accordance with the most modern terminals, a long 6 ” screen, a large battery that meets expectations, fingerprint sensor, facial recognition Y double camera rear. All for less than 200 euros.

The presentation of the Alcatel 3V it is certainly attractive for an entry-level phone, one of the best it has to offer at this price. It is always nice to have this wide feature collection in similar range models. To see how they behave one by one in a real environment it is necessary to analyze them and for this reason below we will see all its details, but first let’s find out its technical specifications.

Alcatel 3V, technical specifications

Alcatel 3V


6.0 “LCD (IPS) 2K 18: 9 (2160 x 1080) 2.5D, 16 million colors


Mediatek MT8735A (4 cores at 1.45GHz Cortex A-53)

Mali-T720MP2 GPU




16GB + MicroSD up to 128GB


3,000 mAh


Rear: 12MP + 2MP (interpolated to 16MP), f / 2.2, HDR, LED flash, EIS, 1080p video at 30fps

Front: 5MP (interpolated to 8MP), f / 2.0, flashLED


Android 8.0 Oreo

Dimensions and weight

162 x 76 x 8.05 mm

155 g


FM radio, Micro-USB, Bluetooth 4.2, dualSIM, 4G LTE, rear fingerprint reader, facial recognition


162.86 euros

A mobile with good taste and quite plastic

The Alcatel 3V does not have a wonderful design, although its aesthetics is more than enough to look like a phone of his time. Too much, perhaps: it does not stand out anywhere and is that phones today are in full aesthetic mimicry.

Quite elongated, the Alcatel 3V joins the market trend to give us a screen of 18: 9 that allows us to enjoy a complete surface, without eyebrows. Especially noticeable when we unhook the virtual buttons navigation to hide automatically and gain even more space.

Alcatel 3v Home

The upper and lower frames are not small, precisely, but we cannot complain about the narrowness of the sides. In general, more than enough to experience the immersive feeling of the current screens, but yes: has frames. On the top, a front camera and ambient light sensor that surround a central space dedicated to the speaker. At the bottom, nothing.

We find the volume buttons on the left side, thin and well integrated into the design. On the right side, the start / stop button has a striated texture which gives it a robust look and a nice touch.

Alcatel 3v Superior

The entrance 3.5mm mini jack It is located on the upper side and it can become uncomfortable to play or consume content in landscape mode when we have the headphones connected: the jack connection protrudes a lot and is annoying between the fingers when grabbing the mobile. The bottom side is completed with the speakers that surround the connector Micro-USB. In the back you find the fingerprint reader, always within reach and without the confusion experienced with the two rear lenses or the flash.

Overall, the material look of the Alcatel 3V feels modest. The sides are made of painted plasticas well as the cover. This back cover is, in fact, of a brilliant chrome plastic. During use you not only feel it by touch but you can hear: creaks when touching buttons or manipulating the screen, which means that it moves slightly and scrubs with the sides.

The Alcatel 3V is a true fingerprint magnet, but the plastic sleeve will protect you from them.

Fingerprints Alcatel 3v

Without a doubt, I liked the color of the Alcatel 3V: a Spectrum Blue bright and elegant that, yes, in a few seconds of use gave way to obvious Fingerprints that are only getting worse. The prints will always be there, dirtying the appearance of the terminal. Fortunately, Alcatel includes a clear plastic protector so you can continue to enjoy the design without hiding it from view. Don’t go unnoticed: it comes a little hidden in the bottom of the box.

Protective Plastic Cover








6 inch FullHD + 18: 9

5.99 inches FullHD + 18: 9

5.7 inch FullHD + 18: 9

5.99 inch HD + 18: 9

5.7 inch HD + 18: 9

5.99 inch HD + 18: 9









162 x 76 x 8.05 mm

158.5 x 75.5 x 8.1 mm

153.8 x 72.3 x 8.3

158.3 x 76.7 x 7.8

152.3 x 71.1 x 8.4 mm

158.3 x 76.7 x 7.8 mm


155 g

180 g

167 g

164 g

144 g

155 g


3,000 mAh

4,000 mAh

3,000 mAh

3,000 mAh

3,000 mAh

3,000 mAh

In general the design is well done. Although the materials look brittle, the whole feels sufficiently compact, light and can be used with one hand. Of course, for certain actions you will have to scroll through the screen to be able to complete a gesture that you cannot reach with your fingers. It’s also not entirely safe to use just one hand, if you want a firm grip. It is a mobile of the elongated ones and, therefore, it’s not able for little hands.

Surprising sharpness in the input range

A modern mobile phone is required to have a good surface dedicated to the screen (75.5%) and Alcatel 3V complies with it. The resolution is very good: sharp and bright enough accompanied by what Alcatel calls 2K (2,160×1080) and that many of us know as Full HD +, forced by the ratio 18: 9.

Alcatel 3v Lower Side

The ambient light sensor is slow and sometimes the screen brightness is adjusted randomly and erroneously

You have to respect the effort put into the screen for such a cheap phone. In general, it reads crystal clear, the colors are vivid and the visual sensation is pleasant.

They are 6 inches in diagonal that in situations of great luminosity, in broad daylight on the street, they are urgently in need of more nits. Forget wearing sunglasses and trying to read the screen, it’s impossible.

Alcatel 3v Al Sol

No obvious problem beyond a ambient light sensor rather slow in adapting to different lighting situations, with specific errors that left me half in the dark. Experience is quite frustrating In this sense, especially when you are already reading half an article, decide reduce brightness more than necessary.

In general I can not complain about this IPS with a suitable soft drink for any type of video or game playback and, good contrast, without problems at different viewing angles and a color fidelity more than acceptable.

You’re not going to play PUBG in full resolution

Alcatel 3v Pubg

The performance of the Alcatel 3V is one of the weakest aspects of all the analysis, although it is not that you can ask much more to its Mediatek MT8735A processor, nor to its four 1.45 GHz cores. It does not help much that the RAM has been decided to leave in 2GB they cannot offer more space for processing. Casual games and daily tasks, yes, with enough ease. Its slowness is noticeable in more demanding tasks and more intensive games, although after a week using it I can say that it does not close the door to all of them.

PUBG Mobile on the Alcatel 3V The Alcatel 3V does not deliver for the High Quality of the PUBG experience.

It is possible to run demanding games like PUBG, although the quality of the graphics will always be fairly fair

For testing I have been able to run and play PUBG Mobile, although the game has been automatically set to low quality. I couldn’t expect a surprise in this regard, and even so, the game ran smoothly. pretty fluent and the lack of details on the screen, with the quite remarkable pixels, has not prevented it from reaching second position in the game. Shooting on time was always possible until the end where my skills failed, not the team’s performance.







Mediatek MT8735A

Snapdragon 450

Snapdragon 450

Mediatek MT6750

Snapdragon 435


2 GB

3 GB

3 GB

3 GB

3 GB







GEEKBENCH (Single / Multi)

638 / 1,785

766 / 3,500

753 / 3,754

595 / 2,490

643 / 2,447

In general it is noted that the Alcatel 3V would benefit a lot from better performance characteristics. Some animations become, at times, really slow and leave something to be desired. This is not a phone where you can open many things at once and change quickly from one side to the other, between the different applications and functions of the system, with fluidity and speed. In the use of the Alcatel 3V it is required more patience– You can literally see how the wallpaper image sometimes fails to load in time.

Battery for all day, and more

A great positive point of the Alcatel 3V is that its battery of 3,000 mAh It covers you all day. Other phones with more powerful processors do not come as well matched or are more energy inefficient. On the other hand, with a single charge of the Alcatel 3V you can be An entire day normal use without having to plug it in again. Of course, reserve a good amount of time for that load: it is very slow. The first 30% takes you a good 50 minutes and the beat stays around 25 minutes for every 15% of battery life.

Alcatel 3v Games

Charging the Alcatel 3V battery to 100% takes about 4 hours, so the tendency is to charge it fully at night to avoid worries during the rest of the day.

Even with intensive use, the 3,000 mAh ensures battery for the whole day until you get home

My usual use of a phone is quite high: many hours (from 5 to 6 hours on average, sometimes more) and very intensive multimedia consumption: videos, games, music, podcasts … Continuing with my line, I have given a lot of effort to Alcatel 3V, even sometimes forgetting that it has the WIFI zone activated or other energy-intensive functions. Still, the phone managed to make it to the end of the day with just under 10% battery life. And that without having resorted to the option “Battery saving” in any moment.

Android 8.0 without much noise

An Android 8.0 without too many extras is a delight for an entry-level phone. The latest software developments, with their advancements in security and performance, at such a low price are welcome. It is not a completely pure Android, but nothing added is too obvious nor annoying.

Alcatel 3v display

The few additions to the Android software are not a bother, quite the opposite.

It comes with a folder that houses a set of Alcatel applications that don’t interrupt you until you want to open them out of curiosity and they start asking you for all kinds of permissions. They do not come working by default, luckily. There are three pre-installed games. Even if…