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review with features, price and specifications

25 mayo, 2021

It wasn’t too long ago that the Samsung Galaxy A71 appeared and, despite having tough opponents within its own family (all Galaxy S20s), spending time with the A71 has shown me how well it works for most uses. Yes, it is not the most powerful, but in balance there is also virtue. And the Samsung Galaxy A71 has a very balanced hardware.

I have taken the Samsung Galaxy A71 as a personal mobile, I have taken it out for the weekend with its pertinent photographic round and it has accompanied me at all times without giving me the feeling that I fell short in any way. It is a great phone, despite the logical drawbacks that it cannot get rid of.

Samsung Galaxy A71 data sheet



Super AMOLED Infinity-O
6.7 inch
20: 9


164.6 x 76.0 x 7.7 mm


Octa Core (Quad 2.3GHz + Quad 1.7GHz)


6/8 GB


128 GB


Android 10
One UI 2.0


64 MP f / 1.8
5 MP depth f / 2.2
5 MP macro f / 2.4
12 MP wide angle f / 2.2


32 MP f / 2.2


25W fast charge


Under-screen fingerprint reader
Dual sim
FM Radio


From 429 euros

Samsung Galaxy A71 - 6.7 Smartphone" FHD + (4G, Dual SIM, 6 GB RAM, 128 GB ROM, Rear Camera 64.0 MP + 12.0 MP (UW) + 5.0 MP (Macro) + 5 MP, Front Camera 32 MP) Color Blue [Versión Española]

Samsung Galaxy A71 – Smartphone 6.7 “FHD + (4G, Dual SIM, 6 GB RAM, 128 GB ROM, Rear Camera 64.0 MP + 12.0 MP (UW) + 5.0 MP (Macro) + 5 MP, Front Camera 32 MP) Color Blue [Versión Española]

On the outside it can pass for a Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy A71

The A range usually inherits elements from its superior brothers, something that is noticeable the higher the number of the device. This can be seen on the Samsung Galaxy A71: the exterior design remarkably resembles the Samsung Galaxy S20. Large dimensions, it is very thin, with straight lines, rounded corners, glass on the front face with 2.5D edges, a hole in the screen for the front camera and a clean back where the rectangular photographic set presides with authority. In hand it is comfortable despite being large, it is not particularly heavy and offers some difficulty when handling with one hand. The diagonal is unforgiving.

Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 +: Samsung's 5G era awakens with more screen, 120 Hz support and more versatile cameras than ever

The materials chosen by Samsung do not quite match the price of the phone: the mobile has a polycarbonate outline and back; by more than not apparent poor quality as it simulates aluminum and glass very well. Despite this disappointment, the Samsung Galaxy A71’s plastic finish improves grip as it slips less than any other double-sided glass phone. With one drawback: it is scratched more easily. In the white finish that I have, it is not appreciated too much, quite the opposite of what happens in dark colors.

Samsung Galaxy A71

Samsung significantly raises the quality of the phone with the included Super AMOLED Infinity-O display: great detail despite 393 DPI of density, balanced in terms of color rendering, excellent contrast and a brightness suitable for using the phone in all situations. conditions, also outdoors. I miss better display settings as Samsung only allows two modes: natural (the default) and intense. The second supports customization of white balance and also RGB values.

Samsung Galaxy A71

The sound is kept careful through the headphones, both wired and Bluetooth. Samsung includes equalizer and software enhancement, also Dolby Atmos; delivering clear audio, with great bass boost, rich in nuance and without highs and lows. Balanced in treble, without over-emphasizing the bass and offering a pleasant musical experience at all times, also increases the immersion in movies and series. On the other hand, the external speaker loses quality (something logical) while maintaining a drawback: being located in the lower part, it is common to cover it with the little finger when enjoying any multimedia content vertically. Such a speaker has a large volume and distorts slightly to the maximum.

More than decent performance, also in games

Samsung Galaxy A71

Samsung is allowed to leave its Exynos in the Galaxy A71 betting on a Qualcomm SoC that is more than solvent and not too old: the Snapdragon 730. This is fast in daily use, both with the launch of applications and with the execution of games : I have not seen exaggerated slowdowns even though One UI 2.0 overloads the software. At all times I have had a smooth experience with the Samsung Galaxy A71, even better than higher-end Exynos processors.

Below you have a comparative table with the most common benchmarks, results against rivals in the same range as the Samsung Galaxy A71.

Samsung Galaxy A71

Redmi Note 8 Pro

Xiaomi Mi 9T

Nokia 7.2


Snapdragon 730

MediaTek G90T

Snapdragon 730

Snapdragon 660


6 GB

6 GB

6 GB

6 GB






PCMark Work




I was already anticipating it: the software comes well loaded. For starters, the Samsung Galaxy A71 comes standard with Android 10 and One UI 2.0. And it does not see this software cut back despite being a mid-range mobile: Samsung adds an infinite number of options, fully implement Bixby (even with routines), it offers its own applications for all the usual actions (including FM radio), it does not lose mobile payments from Samsung Pay, the Galaxy Store apps store and so on. It is an added value that has the usual counterpart: apps and services running in the background. Too many, a notorious drawback for an interface that, in my opinion, is one of the best on Android.

And in terms of battery? The Samsung Galaxy A71 is not exactly short since its 4,500 mAh guarantee to spare a whole day of use.

Samsung Galaxy A71

The battery seems loose in theory, it is also loose in practice. Using the mobile as a personal phone, I have never suffered from the battery running out: a day and a half with more or less intense use; Y up to three days if the Samsung Galaxy A71 and I didn’t leave the house too much. Yes I miss the wireless charging, an extra that, in my opinion, Samsung should not relegate in the highest range. By cons, charging is quite fast: 25 W USB C charger included; which allows the phone to be revived in approximately one hour and forty minutes.

Many cameras and average performance

Samsung Galaxy A71

It is not strange to have multiple cameras as it has become the norm, even outside the highest ranges. And the Samsung Galaxy A71 was one of the first of the brand to include the rear rectangular module to house four cameras: main, wide angle, bokeh and another to take macro photos. On paper it solves most of the situations that a camera has to face. And in practice the results are up to the task; despite somewhat uneven performance between lighting environments.

Samsung Galaxy A71 2

The cameras are agile, the application does not lag too long between the different sensors and the mobile maintains the automatic functions expected in a capture app: HDR (used to save many images, especially the areas where they are ‘burned’ by excess light), framing (if it is activated a recommendation notice appears on the screen) and Artificial Intelligence for the selection of scenes (it does not gain too much if it is activated, sometimes it even loses) . The app is functional, though somewhat messy to manage all modes: the macro is outside the main interface and must be activated from the ‘More’ options, the zoom is expensive to activate (you have to click on the tree icons and move your finger) and the Pro mode does not have manual focus or saved in RAW, two notorious shortcomings.

Sample Galaxy A71 Camera During the day it has no major problem: the main sensor captures a lot of detail, the lighting is uniform and the colors match reality correctly without accusing saturation
Sample Galaxy A71 Camera At night the camera usually suffers, as usual. The main sensor increases the ISO to brighten the scene; with the consequent increase in watercolors in dark areas. If there is homogeneous lighting, even if it is scarce, the performance is much better
Sample Galaxy A71 Camera Portrait mode keeps the name ‘Dynamic Focus’. The bokeh can be adjusted, the background clipping is adequate, and it maintains the color balance without artifice. Yes, there is some deformation at the ends
Sample Galaxy A71 Camera The macro camera performs well in terms of detail and contrast, although it is difficult to take the photo at the right distance since the lens lacks autofocus. Many macro photos end up blurry when checked later
Sample Galaxy A71 Camera The front camera keeps the type in self-portraits. It has the option to adjust the bokeh, wide-angle selection, the sharpness is sufficient (good and medium light) and it maintains the color balance. HDR may fall short

Below you have a photographic sample of the Samsung Galaxy A71 in all kinds of scenes and with the different cameras.

Samsung’s processing is usually right for photos with even lighting, whether it’s day or night. In dark areas, watercolors tend to be visible, sometimes almost with the naked eye. The color balance is spot on, night mode saves many images with little light (at the cost of losing notable quality), Samsung adds a host of playful filters and keeps the capture capabilities nearly intact over higher-end phones.

Samsung Galaxy A71

In terms of video, the Samsung Galaxy A71 remains at a good level. Detailed shots, 4K resolution and 30 fps, electronic stabilization that avoids the biggest shakes in recording (always with FHD resolution, both with the main sensor and with the wide angle), the color balance is as successful as in photography, the video maintains the logical difficulties in dark environments and, in general, shows the good quality that Samsung has achieved in this area. It is a good phone for those looking to save their memories on video.

The opinion of Xataka Android

Samsung Galaxy A71

The Samsung Galaxy A71 is a great phone that feels this way when held in hand, even though plastic dominates the construction materials. This takes away some points if we face it against its competition, especially when we put its price into the equation, something expensive: about 450 euros. Also, for that price a better processor would not be bad, a little more RAM or resistance to dust and water, for example. We know that Samsung should differentiate the A range from the S. And the cut-outs on the Samsung Galaxy A71 slightly dampen the experience with the phone.

Samsung Galaxy A71

It has good photographic capabilities without reaching a higher level, maintains a good battery that offers more than a day of use and the …