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review with features, price and specifications

21 mayo, 2021

We analyze one of the latest mobiles in the Galaxy A range, the family of Samsung phones that targets all pockets. And that is precisely the mantra of the Samsung Galaxy A21s: it is an ‘accessible’ mobile, more humble than the Samsung Galaxy A21, which aims to offer manufacturer expertise at a low cost and without losing many features along the way.

Samsung has an extremely complete catalog of mobile phones: from the most ‘premium’, with the Galaxy S20 at the head, to the most accessible, as is the case at hand, the Samsung Galaxy A21s. Renovated and updated, our protagonist stands out for its photographic module and large size, also for a design with a pleasant touch and contained features that do not do without too much. Let’s see how it behaves in real life.

Technical characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy A21s

Samsung Galaxy A21s


75.3 x 163.7 x 8.9 mm
192 grams


6.5-inch TFT with HD + resolution (720 x 1,600 pixels)


Exynos 850
Eight cores (4 + 4 clusters at 2 GHz)


ARM Mali-G52




64 GB
SD memory up to 512GB


Quadruple camera:
48 MP, f / 2.0
8 MP ultra wide, f / 2.2
2 MP macro, f / 2.4
2 MP depth, f / 2.4


13 MP, f / 2.2


5,000 mAh
15W fast charge


Android 10
One UI 2.0


Bluetooth 5.0



Fingerprint reader on the rear
Headphone jack
Triple SIM tray (2 SIMs + SD Card)


209.90 euros

Samsung Galaxy A21s - 6.5 Smartphone" (4 GB RAM, 64 GB Internal Memory, WiFi, Octa Core Processor, 48 MP Main Camera, Android 10.0) Blue [Versión española]

Samsung Galaxy A21s – 6.5 “Smartphone (4 GB RAM, 64 GB Internal Memory, WiFi, Octa Core Processor, 48 MP Main Camera, Android 10.0) Blue [Versión española]

A plastic design that is pleasant to the eye and to the touch

Samsung Galaxy A21s

As soon as we opened the packaging we had a positive feeling: although the box in which the phone comes denotes its low price, the design of the Samsung Galaxy A21s itself, and its finishes, are of good quality. Completely built in plastic except for the front, both the outline and the back face are uniform in color (white in our case); with the buttons on the right side of the same tonality. This uniformity achieves an elegant and very attractive appearance, it also facilitates the grip since, as it is not made of glass, the back does not slip excessively. Accumulate fingerprints without being too visible either (in black this will surely change).

Samsung Galaxy A21s Rear finish has a satin finish with some metallic reflections

The mobile is not small, nor is it too light despite the use of plastic. The buttons are on the right side and in a good position to be pressed with one hand, but only the power button: the volume buttons. are out of comfortable reach. On the left side is the triple tray (two simultaneous SIMs and SD cards); below you can see the USB C next to the external speaker and the 3.5 mm jack (it also offers FM radio); and behind the rectangular photographic module draws attention to the eye while the fingerprint reader is at the height of the index finger. This offers enough convenience in unlocking, also quickly: we have not encountered any drawbacks.

Samsung Galaxy A21s

The screen is one of the components that most affect the mobile economy: the Samsung Galaxy A21s is committed to a Large (6.5-inch) TFT panel that makes use of HD + resolution. This implies that you lose some points in sharpness without the screen looking bad in generic conditions; although it does show somewhat off in tonal terms and no option to customize temperature or color space. Automatic brightness often strives to provide a slightly lower level than necessary. And outdoors there is some difficulty in appreciating the content even at maximum brightness.

Samsung Galaxy A21s 10 It can be difficult to use the screen outdoors – maximum brightness is short

Although the screen section limps, the opposite happens with the sound section: the Samsung Galaxy A21s has an audio quality superior to its category, both by cable and by Bluetooth. The mobile offers a remarkable bass presence and does not detract from the balance of the treble: without fanfare and well modeled. What’s more, the bass boost is remarkable and of great quality, without being over the top. And without losing sound settings: Dolby Atmos customizable by content type (Bluetooth and cable), active audio resolution enhancement (cable only) and even Nine-band graphic equalizer with presets, also adjustable by the user.

Performance falls far below average

Samsung Galaxy A21s

In terms of use, the Samsung Galaxy A21s is not left out of most tasks since it can even boot Fortnite at low resolution. Of course, it is not very capable when a certain power is demanded: execution delays are common after tapping on the screen, like opening an app or going back to desktops. The mobile accuses the excess of software, also the background tasks: it is enough that one is running (updating apps, for example) so that the response to the touch takes longer than desirable.

The Samsung Exynos 850 falls too short on tasks that require a certain amount of processing load, such as 3D games

The included processor is an Exynos 850, a mid-range SoC that Samsung debuted precisely with the Samsung Galaxy A21s. Said SoC is somewhat limited compared to the rest of the hardware, it is one of the components that lower the average of the smartphone the most.

Samsung Galaxy A21s From left to right: AnTuTu, Geekbench 5 and PC Mark Work

As usual, we have made a few benchmarks to the phone to contrast them with the results of its competition by range and price. Although performance tests are never conclusive, they suggest the Samsung Galaxy A21s lack of performance, especially when comparing them with the Xiaomi or the Realme.








Exynos 850

Exynos 9611

Exynos 9611

Exynos 9611

Kirin 810

Snapdragon 720G






6 GB










184 / 1,083

332 / 1,265

344 / 1,126

347 / 1,338

546 / 1,607








In terms of software there are not too many surprises for someone who has used a recent Samsung: the Galaxy A21s has One UI in its version 2.0 on Android 10 (the security patch is from May).

Having such a heavy layer works against this mobile, we have already seen that performance weighs down. Although yes, the Samsung Galaxy A21s has a whole host of applications, functions, settings and accessories that are not so common in this range. Yes, Bixby is missing, for example. Along with another notable deficiency: The Samsung Galaxy A21s does not have Samsung Pay although it includes NFC as standard (The Galaxy, not much more expensive, A41 does include Samsung payments). In return, the mobile is compatible with Google Pay and other mobile payments that make use of NFC.

Samsung Galaxy A21s 14

The battery raises the average of the phone again: the 5,000 mAh of the Samsung Galaxy A21s usually guarantee two days of average use with more than nine hours of screen, even watching streaming videos or playing games as mAh-hungry as Fortnite. The autonomy does not give problems, the charging time is somewhat annoying: two hours are the usual. Samsung includes a 15 W fast charger (also headphones) in the box; with recharge times from 0 to 100% that are as follows:

  • 5 minutes: 5 %.
  • 10 minutes: 9%.
  • 20 minutes: 18%.
  • 30 minutes: 27%.
  • 50 minutes: Four. Five %.
  • Total: 1 hour and 59 minutes.

Keeps the type in photography

Samsung Galaxy A21s

The key in all 2020 mobiles is that the rear cameras are multiplied. This has brought the quadruple sensor even to mobile phones as accessible as the Samsung Galaxy A21s; incorporating the wide angle in addition to a macro lens, the second more testimonial than the first.

The 48 megapixel main sensor performs well in all conditions. Focusing fast enough, the overall quality of the images is quite good, Automatic HDR saves shots even from sunset to backlight and, although the detail with a little zoom is not very high, it cannot be said that it is less sharp as a general rule. At night it suffers more than usual, especially since Samsung does not include night mode.

Samsung Galaxy A21s

The ultra-wide secondary sensor performs somewhat less well than the correct one. Image edge distortions are too noticeable (lacks software correction), has no focus capability, and the level of detail is lower than that of the main sensor. By cons, the automatic HDR does not do a bad job.

Samsung Galaxy A21s Professional mode offers hardly any adjustment options

The other two sensors are the one for macro photos (distance between 3 to 5 cm), a camera whose lens also lacks zoom and does not offer good results; next to the sensor to capture depth, a camera that collaborates in dynamic focus or portrait mode. Said mode processes contours well enough, both of people and objects or animals; allowing to apply selective focus a posteriori.

Samsung Galaxy A21s 15

The main camera offers excellent dynamic range while preserving detail even on objects in the background, even against the light.

Samsung Galaxy A21s 16

The wide angle maintains the dynamic range and good performance of Auto HDR. On the contrary, the deformation caused by the lenses is very noticeable

Samsung Galaxy A21s 17

At night the performance drops a lot, the loss of detail is appreciated with a little zoom. With uniform artificial lighting the main sensor can defend itself. And when twilight lurks, a night mode is missing.

Samsung Galaxy A21s

The portrait mode does not sharpen the contours in a general way, it also applies a correct bokeh to the background. May fail on some tricky edges

Samsung Galaxy A21s

Selfies with the front camera maintain good quality, natural colors and a sufficient level of detail. Profiling in portrait mode is not as polished as dynamic focus with the rear (main) camera

Below you have a gallery of photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy A21s in different environments and situations.

In terms of video, the Samsung Galaxy A21s is somewhat fair in resolution: can only record at a maximum of 1080p and 30fps. Even so, the quality remains at a good level, especially with the main sensor. The ultra wide angle suffers a lot with …