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review with features, price and specifications

21 mayo, 2021

Samsung has reformulated its mobile catalog several times throughout history, always with the idea of offer a device suitable for the needs of any user, also for your pocket. And the most recent one brought together all the price wants within a single line: the Galaxy A. From the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G, the most expensive, to the cheapest mobile, the one at hand: the Samsung Galaxy A10.

Our protagonist offers the essence of Samsung in a mobile that adjusts its price very well, also the general characteristics. After the time that I have been testing it, I have had similar sensations to those I received from its older brothers, such as the Galaxy A40 or the Galaxy A70. Of course, with an experience adjusted to the economy of the telephone.

Samsung Galaxy A10 data sheet

Samsung Galaxy A10


6.2 “HD +


Exynos 7884


2 GB


32 GB
MicroSD up to 512GB

Frontal camera

5 MP f / 2.0

Rear camera

13MP f / 1.9

Operating system

Android 9 Pie with Samsung One UI


3,400 mAh


2.4 GHz WiFi
Bluetooth 5.0
Micro USB


FM Radio
Headphone jack

Dimensions and weight

155.6 x 75.6 x 7.9 mm
168 grams


From 130 euros

Samsung A10 Black 6.2" 2gb / 32gb + Micro SD 32gb Dual Sim

Samsung A10 Black 6.2 “2gb / 32gb + Micro SD 32gb Dual Sim

It is not a small mobile

Samsung Galaxy A10

The Samsung Galaxy A10 is not a small mobile since the brand is inclined to offer a large screen, a detail that results in the final dimensions of the device. These are contained, they take advantage of the notch shaped like a drop of water for the panel and they exude a pleasant touch despite the all-plastic finish. It is a phone that does not slip and is light enough. The plastic of the body and back face, built in one piece, contributes to this.

Samsung Galaxy M20, analysis: the best proof that Samsung also knows how to make cheap phones

The screen looks good enough in all conditions even though outdoors it needs extra brightness in direct sunlight. You can see some loss of detail with the naked eye: resolution is heavy. Although this helps the fluidity of the device, which is necessary for it: HD resolution, sufficiently well balanced colors and very good viewing angles.

The screen size is large, but the quality of the panel suffers: there is a lack of detail, especially in games.

One of the details where Samsung does not usually fail is the sound. Given the category of the phone, and how ‘cheap’ it is, it is very advantageous to have the sound quality that the Samsung Galaxy A10 has. With good headphones, both wired and Bluetooth, the audio is rich enough, has a balanced balance and offers a bass boost that can even be customized from the sound settings. No complaints at this point, quite the opposite of the device’s external speaker: located in an area not suitable for listening to the audio of movies, series or games correctly (on the back side, Samsung repeats with the same area of ​​the old Galaxy), said speaker does not offer too much power; and it has disappointing sound quality.

At the height of what is expected in power

Samsung Galaxy A10

My experience with the Samsung Galaxy A10 has not been bad since, according to the range to which the phone is directed, I already imagined that it would not offer great displays. This has been the case: just in games, with certain slowness in starting apps and with lapses of up to a couple of seconds in opening the camera. Of course, once the apps are run there is not too much problem: the mobile behaves decently. It even starts PUBG in medium quality, quite an achievement; no matter how much the game hits the odd leap, a detail that I have experienced with other less demanding titles, such as Mario Kart.

Samsung Galaxy A10

Samsung makes several sacrifices to contain the cost of the Galaxy A10. The performance of the processor is fair, also its GPU; RAM and storage are very contained (2/32 GB); the phone offers SD memory in a triple tray, so you don’t have to sacrifice dual SIM to expand storage (well, Samsung); It has FM radio, another success; and it takes a setback since Galaxy A10 lacks fingerprint scanner, something strange in a price segment where most of the competition does place the reader. In addition, it makes use of micro USB instead of USB C.

Samsung Galaxy A10

With the strengths and weaknesses detailed, let’s pit the Samsung Galaxy A10 against the processor nightmare: benchmarks. We have chosen AnTuTu and Geekbench 4.





LG K40




Exynos 7884

Helio P22

Helio A22

Snapdragon 439

Helio P22

Helio P22

Snapdragon 430


2 GB

2 GB

2 GB

2 GB

2 GB

3 GB

3 GB










1,167 / 3,609

830 / 3,587

801 / 2,321

839 / 2,961

753 / 3,350

833 / 3,516

632 / 2,282

Samsung Galaxy A10

Since it is a Samsung, anyone who has had a mobile of the brand already knows what awaits them in terms of software: Galaxy A10 has One UI custom layer, a layer that is heavy and that ends up weighing down the performance of the phone. Samsung trims the layer in quite a few spots, such as in the absence of everything Bixby-related (the assistant isn’t there, and neither is Bixby Home). Samsung Pay also falls out of the range of possibilities (the mobile has NFC, so it is suitable for Google Pay, for example), the price to pay for one of the cheapest mobile phones of the brand. And at the moment there is no update to Android 10: Samsung ensures that it will receive it in May 2020.

Samsung Galaxy A10

So far the analysis has walked the line of excessive containment to adjust the price, so now it’s time for some excellent news: the autonomy of the Samsung Galaxy A10 is outstanding. It takes a lot to drain your phone’s battery, even in abusive circumstances. The eight hours of screen with two days of use have been the average; holding up very well with the screen off since the consumption in ‘stand by’ is minimal. When it does consume it is during games like PUBG: squeezing the graphics performance burns a lot of mAh; something that is not too strange either.

It is not a phone to photograph at night

Samsung Galaxy A10

Samsung released the Galaxy A10 by maintaining a single sensor for each camera, something that at this point is strange even for the lowest range of phones. Nevertheless, photographic performance is more than decent in good lighting– Photos come out with sufficient detail, focus is quite fast, auto bokeh is applied to backgrounds, detail in well-lit scenes is high. But when the light falls, and it is no longer uniform, the sensor turns into a watercolor painter without thereby missing out on saving the moment.

Samsung Galaxy A10

The camera application is the usual Samsung: it includes different shooting modes, it offers filters in real time, the professional mode (too limited) and neither the panoramic one do not escape. Beyond here the app is cut short, both in shooting features and in recreational options. It does include a 2x digital zoom next to the shoot button, a zoom that takes advantage of the panoramic lens of the rear camera to cut the scene closer to what is portrayed. With this zoom detail is lost, of course; and reaches 4x.

Samsung Galaxy A10 With good lighting, and as long as it is uniform, the sensor manages to capture with a great level of detail, especially in the foreground
Samsung Galaxy A10 At night the performance of the camera drops a lot. The processing has trouble maintaining the dynamic range and the scene may be somewhat fuzzy
Samsung Galaxy A10 Sample The Samsung Galaxy A10 lacks portrait mode even though the rear sensor applies some bokeh to the background. Here you can see the shortcomings of HDR: the dynamic range is poor
Samsung Galaxy A10 The front camera does not take bad selfies as long as there is uniform lighting (it is the general trend of the Galaxy A10). The level of detail is not bad despite the fact that watercolors can be seen in the backgrounds, also doing some zoom in the foreground

Below you have a gallery of photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy A10 in all conditions.

The dynamic range of the camera can be greatly improved, also the automatic HDR: it is difficult to adequately balance the contrasts. Often tends to a certain overexposure, so force ISO when lighting conditions drop; obtaining in return a remarkable amount of watercolors, even in the close-ups. Selfies are generally acceptable, with both the rear and rear cameras; no matter how much the front offers a lower level of detail.

In the field of video Samsung Galaxy A10 maintains performance without boasting, all with a maximum resolution of 1080p. It lacks stabilization (neither OIS nor EIS), the white balance is adequate, it maintains fidelity with the colors and the autofocus behaves in a stable way. Given the quality of the phone, the videos are quite acceptable.

Samsung Galaxy A10, the opinion of Xataka Android

Samsung Galaxy A10

It is a phone that has been on the market for some time, this weighs on the economy of the device. Perfect for those looking for a big screen without the price rising accordingly; even if some sharpness is lost along the way, also the use of an AMOLED panel (the Galaxy A10 bets on the IPS LCD). Still, it’s not a bad-looking screen, nor is the performance bad despite the processor economy, and layer demands, taking their toll.

Samsung Galaxy A10

The best is autonomy: at this point it is outstanding. The camera is not bad either, even though it has its shortcomings, as is the sound: it is a good phone to use with headphones. What’s more, neither lose the 3.5mm jack nor the FM radio, nor the NFC. On the other hand, a fingerprint reader is very much missing, it is very surprising that Samsung did not want to include it.

Samsung Galaxy A10

The Samsung Galaxy A10 is a mobile for those who want a phone that can withstand the daily jog. It has autonomy for hours of WhatsApp, also for social networks. And its materials do not have to worry much about its care: plastic withstands wear and tear even though it is easy to scratch. And it makes it easier to grip, something the glass can’t tell.








In favor

  • Outstanding autonomy.
  • Large and well-used screen.
  • Headphone jack and FM radio.


  • Somewhat low performance.
  • With micro USB.
  • Without fingerprint reader.

Samsung A10 Black 6.2" 2gb / 32gb + Micro SD 32gb Dual Sim

Samsung A10 Black 6.2 “2gb / 32gb + Micro SD 32gb Dual Sim